Student Counseling and Psychological Services (SCAPS) offers outreach services for the Augusta community that primarily emphasize awareness, education, prevention, and early intervention regarding Mental Health concerns. Topics covered in previous presentations and available upon request include:

  • Anxiety & Stress Management
  • Depression
  •  Establishing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Interpersonal Violence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Eating Disorders/Body Image
  • Overview of SCAPS Services

If interested in the QPR suicide trainings, please visit QPR Suicide Prevention Training

Upcoming Events- SPRING 22

March 14 at 1PM (Health Sciences Wellness Center)

April 11 at 1PM (University Hall 170)

Exercise and Mental Health 

Join Randy LaMons for this workshop on how to better understand how your mental health is positively impacted by having a regular exercise routine!


(4/11) Join via Teams:

March 29 at 1PM (JSAC Butler Room)

April 12 at 1PM (Health Sciences Student Center- 2001)

Battling Burnout

Academic stress and responsibilities can result in burnout, affecting your physical, emotional, and mental health. This workshop will explore the effects of burnout, how to prevent/reduce burnout, and the importance of self-care in maintaining your health and performance. 


(3/29) Join via Teams:

(4/12) Join via Teams:

March 10 at 12PM (University Hall 170)

March 17 & April 21 at 12PM, (Health Sciences Student Center 2001)

April 14 at 12PM (JSAC Hardy)

How-To-Guide for Mental Health

There are multiple resources on campus to help you take care of your health. This presentation is designed to familiarize students with the no-cost benefits available for their wellness.


(3/17) Join via Teams:

(4/14) Join via Teams:

(4/21) Join via Teams:

March 28 at 1PM (Health Sciences Wellness Center)

April 18 at 1PM (University Hall 170)

Nutrition and Mental Health

Join Randy LaMons as he discusses how your diet affects your mood and mental health. 


(3/28) Join via Teams:

(4/18) Join via Teams:

Request Counseling Outreach Services

If you would like SCAPS to present an outreach program, please complete and submit the form below. Once the request is received, a staff member will contact you to discuss the details of your request. Please provide at least ten days' notice before an outreach event. Thank you!