UGA/Augusta University Cancer Research Initiative Awards

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This funding opportunity is currently closed.

The Cancer Centers from Augusta University and the University of Georgia hosted a retreat on May 14, 2015 bringing together cancer research faculty.

A main objective of this retreat was to develop complementary and synergistic cancer research between our two Cancer Centers through collaborative projects. At the retreat, a grant initiative supporting this research was announced, which would be jointly funded by the two organizations to promote these interactions investigating all aspects of cancer research.

This grant initiative is designed to make these collaborations more competitive for external funding. We now issue a Request for Applications (RFA) in relation to this initiative. It is expected that collaborations have been initiated among attendees at the retreat, and that they are in a position to submit joint applications at this time.


The purpose of this RFA is to solicit applications using the following guidelines:

  • Applications are due December 11, 2015 with a projected start date of early 2016.
  • Each application requires a co-PI from each organization who will participate actively in the project.
  • Proposals are limited to a TOTAL of six pages (including the Specific Aims page), 11 pt Arial font. A template is provided on the website and was attached on the email announcement.
  • Proposals can address any aspect of cancer research and must include a statement about how the project was conceptualized between the two PIs and how the joint objectives will be achieved, including what will be accomplished by each laboratory.
  • Preliminary data that has been assembled between the two laboratories to support the application are strongly encouraged and will be an important part of the review process.
  • Biosketches of key personnel should be included.
  • Chosen proposals will receive $75,000 direct costs each, split equally between the two laboratories ($37,500 each). No budget is required at this time.
  • Funding will be for one year without possibility of extension.
  • A review committee will be assembled of both internal and external reviewers, based on the focus of the applications to be evaluated.
  • This funding opportunity is open to the Cancer Centers’ Members only.
  • Funding must not be used for PI salary support or for equipment.

Please contact Lisa Middleton,, with questions or concerns.