Translational Research Awards II

Funds are available to support translational partnerships between clinical and basic science Cancer Center Members, leading to competitive, peer-reviewed, external grant applications that bring sustained funding. Both clinical faculty and basic scientists must be active participants in the proposed project. Projects in which clinicians serve only as access to a patent population or to patient materials will be deemed non-responsive.

Preferential review will be given to the following:

  • Projects that incorporate the use of Georgia Cancer Center shared facilities.
  • Projects that incorporate the use of samples from the Biorepository Alliance of Georgia for Oncology (BRAGOnc).
  • Projects that address critiques of a previously submitted but unfunded peer-reviewed award.

An initial application will be in the form of a Letter of Intent (LOI). Review by the Georgia Cancer Center Executive Committee will determine what subsequent materials need to be submitted.

  • LOIs are limited to one page, containing up to 500 words of text (Arial, 11 pt or larger) and any figures.
  • LOIs should contain an impact statement outlining the significance of the project to the field of study.
  • LOIs should also contain descriptions of (i) how the collaboration was established and (ii) the role of each PI in the development and execution of the project. Clinical faculty and basic scientists will be considered co-PIs; accordingly, both should be actively involved in the research design and implementation. It is recommended that the role of each be clearly outlined in the LOI.
  • A budget of up to $30,000 may be requested; however, the amount awarded is subject to adjustment pending final review of the project.
  • Funding must not be used for PI salary support, equipment, or travel and will be for one year without the possibility of extension.

Submit LOIs to Lisa Middleton,

Please contact Dr. Middleton with questions or concerns.