Georgia Cancer Center Basic Science Pilot Awards

Georgia Cancer Center Basic Science Pilot Awards

Applications Due:
October 18

Projected Start Date:
November 15th

Funds are available to promote basic research.

Awards will be restricted to Cancer Center Members; Associate Members can apply only in collaboration with a Member. The intent of these awards is to promote research partnerships between two collaborating PIs, leading to sustained projects that will generate external funding.

Applications are due October 18th with a projected start date of November 15th

Examples of responsive projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Projects that were the focus of one PI’s research could be redirected into a cancer research project as a result of the collaboration.
  • Projects that bring together PIs working in related fields that would benefit from a closer synergism.
  • Combining expertise from two groups to address an important issue in cancer research that could not be addresses by either alone.

Up to $50,000 may be requested, which may be adjusted after final review depending on the number of meritorious applications. Both basic scientists will be considered co-PIs, and funding for PI salaries is not permitted in the budget.

Applications should be limited to two pages, including figures. References may be separate. NIH biosketches of key personnel should be included, as well as a statement regarding how the proposed interaction will move the field of study forward. Preference will be given to high impact projects rather than ones that make a small incremental gain in knowledge. The application should include an impact statement outlining the significance of the project to the field of study.


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