Collaborative Research Awards

Purpose: While it is acknowledged that there are already well-established collaborations between different laboratories in the Cancer Center, the purpose of this RFA is to facilitate new collaborations between cancer center members.
Amount: $35,000
Deadline: TBA
  • Two Cancer Center Members will serve as Co-PIs
  • The Co-PIs cannot have published together in the past 3 years or be already actively working on a joint project at the time of the application
  • The Co-PIs cannot be working in the same laboratory
  • Any area of cancer research is permitted
  • Proposals are limited to 4 pages
Review Criteria: Proposals must convincingly present a research project outlining a new collaborative effort between the two PIs. As such, it is expected that there will be limited, if any, joint preliminary data. The proposal will be reviewed to assess the potential that the research project will establish a new area of collaboration within the Cancer Center.