Resources Text for Grants

This section of the Researchers Toolbox contains descriptions of various aspects of the Georgia Cancer Center that can be used in the Resources sections of your grants. These descriptions have been pulled from various documents written for and about the Cancer Center, including some of our multi-institutional or multi-department grants, as well as from Cancer Center Web pages. In some cases, the approximate dates written are indicated.  Please let me know if information is out-of-date, e.g., if there is new equipment in the core laboratories. If you have updates or descriptions to share, please pass them on to me:

Rhea-Beth Markowitz, PhD
Grant Development Director

Available Content

  • Augusta University: Overview & History
  • Georgia Cancer Center: Organization & Structure
  • Georgia Cancer Center Facilities
  • Georgia Cancer Center Basic Science Programs
  • Georgia Cancer Center Shared Resources / Core Facilities
  • Georgia Cancer Center Clinical Structure
  • Resource & Data Sharing Plan
  • Community Outreach & Partnerships
  • Protection of Human Subjects
  • Cancer Statistics in Georgia