Grant Submission Process

All Cancer Center Faculty should follow the process outlined below when submitting grants to public or private agencies or foundations.

4 Weeks Prior to Deadline:

At least four (4) weeks in advance of the funding agency’s deadline:

  • Contact the Grants Administration Office for Augusta University routing information.
  • Tenure-track Faculty: submit your application to 2 independent, experienced scientists, preferably ones who have served on study sections, to critically evaluate the proposal. Allow sufficient time to modify the grant application in light of reviewer comments. Faculty with tenure do not need to undergo this internal review process.
  • Although Cancer Center Members are expected to make themselves as freely available as possible to review grants, given the diversity of the science undertaken in the Cancer Center, the reviewers need not necessarily be Cancer Center Members.
  • For resubmissions, summary statements should also be given to the reviewers to allow them to comment on the responsiveness of the resubmission.
  • Reviewers need to sign off on the Internal Routing Sheet and return the Routing Sheet to the PI.

2 Weeks Prior to Deadline: 

Submit your grant (and Internal Routing Sheet) to the Cancer Center Director for determining application readiness. Minor stylistic changes or addition of materials suggested by reviewers can be added after the submission to the Director's office, but these should be kept to a minimum.

1 Week Prior to Deadline to Deadline:

Submit your grant, after sign-off by the Director, to the Grants Administration Office for packaging and processing through DSPA

The Director reserves the right to refuse to allow grants to be submitted if they do not go through the formal review process and are not submitted in a timely manner as outlined above.