The Georgia Cancer Center provides dedicated support to its researchers for the writing and submission of extramural and intramural grant applications.

Office of Grant Administration

The Grants Administration Office supports all pre-award and post-award activities of faculty within the Georgia Cancer Center and assists them in preparing their applications for submission, including development of budgets, as well as managing their awards.

Office of Grant Development

The Office of Grant Development assists faculty within the Georgia Cancer Center with preparation of the scientific and text sections of grant proposals.

Meet Our Team

photo of Rhea-Beth Markowitz, PhD

Rhea-Beth Markowitz, PhD

  • Director, Grant Development
  • Office: CN 2210
photo of Geno Clark, MBA, CRA

Geno Clark, MBA, CRA

  • Grant Program Manager
  • Office: CN 2207


photo of Kay Smith, MA

Kay Smith, MA

  • Grant Development Specialist
  • Office: CN 2215


Office of Grant Administration

The Office of Grants Administration supports all pre-award and post-award activities of faculty within the Georgia Cancer Center and assists faculty in preparing applications for extramural support, including the development of their budgets.

Geno Clark assists with internal Augusta University routing, budget development, and other administrative documents. His office is committed to assisting submission of proposals according to sponsor and institutional requirements in a timely fashion. Kay Smith assists in new award setup, monthly tracking of costs on sponsored projects relative to their budgets, ensuring expenses meet sponsor and institutional guidelines, progress reports, effort reporting for personnel, cost-share accounts as needed, cost transfers when required, no-cost extensions when needed, and grant/contract closeout when the grant is terminated.

The team's goal is to make the administrative aspects of proposal submission and award management as efficient as possible so scientists can focus maximum effort on writing the science of their proposals and achieving the specific aims of their awards.

Office of Grant Development

The Office of Grant Development assists Georgia Cancer Center faculty with preparation of the scientific and other text sections (e.g., biosketches, facilities) of grant applications (extramural and intramural) for grammar, syntax, logic, clarity, transitions, and correct English phrasing.

Please let Dr. Rhea-Beth Markowitz know in advance you will be submitting a grant to her for editing so she can plan accordingly. Grants may be submitted in hard copy or electronically. There is no fee for this service.

Dr. Markowitz periodically presents grant writing seminars that focus on how to write an NIH R01 type of grant. She is also available, upon request, for teaching Scientific Writing classes, with particular emphasis on writing for non-native English speakers. Recent grant writing and scientific writing lectures can be accessed and reviewed at your convenience (see right sidebar).

The Office of Grant Development also assists in the preparation of Georgia Cancer Center institutional and multi-institutional grant applications and program project proposals.

Writing Resources

Grant Writing 101 (Part 2)
Grant Writing 101 (Part 3)
Grant Writing 101 (Part 5)
Elements of Scientific Writing
Common Difficulties Encountered by Non-Native English Speakers
How to Write a Scientific Paper

Additional Resources

Researcher's Toolbox

This is a “one-stop resource shop” for GCC Researchers. We provide numerous resources for you to use as you write your grants: the official GCC Grants Process, descriptions about our facilities (e.g., AU, GCC, shared resources, physical and intellectual environment), where to find NIH grant documents and instructions, and much more.

Health Research Associates

This outside consulting group provides assistance with writing of specific aims, hypothesis development, and reviewer critiques through the Augusta University Research Institute. 

Extramural Grant Review

Researchers can request a review of their extramural grant application by a nationally or internationally recognized senior scientist in the appropriate field. Funds for this are provided by the Division of Sponsored Program Administration.

Augusta University Resources Repository

The Augusta University Resources Repository contains up-to-date descriptions of facilities available at AU to assist faculty in the writing and preparation of their grant proposals.

Library Resources

There are two Augusta University libraries, Reese Library on the Summerville campus and Greenblatt Library on the Health Sciences campus. Augusta University Libraries provide books, e-books, government publications, journals, audiovisuals, databases, historical collections, and more, in support of student and faculty research.

Funding Opportunities

We have created a list of intramural and extramural funding opportunities for Georgia Cancer Center employees to apply for.