Dr. Rhea-Beth Markowitz assists Georgia Cancer Center faculty with preparation of the scientific and other text sections (e.g., biosketches, facilities) of grant applications (extramural and intramural) for grammar, syntax, logic, clarity, transitions, and correct English phrasing. Please let Dr. Markowitz know in advance that you will be submitting a grant to her for editing so she can plan accordingly. Grants may be submitted in hard copy or electronically. There is no fee for this service.

Dr. Markowitz periodically presents grant writing seminars that focus on how to write an NIH R01 type of grant. She is also available, upon request, for teaching Scientific Writing classes, with particular emphasis on writing for non-native English speakers. Recent grant writing and scientific writing lectures can be accessed and reviewed at your convenience (see right sidebar).

The Office of Grant Development also assists in the preparation of Georgia Cancer Center institutional and multi-institutional grant applications and program project proposals.

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