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Giving up smoking, eating better and exercising can improve overall health — these simple steps can also make it less likely someone will develop cancer. It is a message Dr. Martha Tingen, associate director of the Georgia Cancer Center's Cancer Prevention, Control & Population Health Program, wants all Georgians to hear.

Each member of the Cancer Prevention, Control & Population Health Program reaches out to community organizations, schools and other civic groups to promote the importance of prevention, early detection and regular screenings and particularly in addressing can health disparities and health equity. Community outreach and engagement is the foundation of the program and the team consults with community leaders to stay current with the populations they represent and to maintain open channels of communication on a variety of topics.

As part of our research in this area, the Georgia Cancer Center has partnered with Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis for the Augusta Fit Families program through the United States Conference of Mayors and and the American Beverage Foundation for a healthy America for childhood obesity prevention.


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Cancer Prevention, Control & Population Health

Health Sciences Campus

Georgia Cancer Center - M. Bert Storey Research Building

(706) 721-3584

1410 Laney Walker Boulevard, Augusta, GA 30912

Research Topics

Tobacco Prevention and Cessation

The adage "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" applies to tobacco in its many forms. Helping prevent youth smoking or chewing tobacco, including e-cigarettes, hookah, and cigars, to begin with, is an essential first step to promote community health and reduce the chances of getting cancer.

cancer Community Awareness Access Research and Education (c-CARE)

The cancer-Community Awareness & Access Research Education (c-CARE) program works with minority, urban and rural communities to improve cancer outcomes by collaborating with faith-based organizations, federally qualified health centers (FQHC’s), medical clinics and recreation and community centers and those families they serve.

Program Members

photo of Martha Tingen, PhD, RN, FAAN

Martha Tingen, PhD, RN, FAAN

  • Associate Director, Cancer Prevention, Control & Population Health
photo of Malcolm S. Bevel, PhD, MSPH

Malcolm S. Bevel, PhD, MSPH

  • Assistant Professor
photo of Samantha R. Jones, PhD

Samantha R. Jones, PhD

  • Assistant Professor
photo of Justin Xavier Moore, PhD

Justin Xavier Moore, PhD

  • Assistant Professor
photo of Meng-Han Tsai, PhD

Meng-Han Tsai, PhD

  • Assistant Professor
photo of Marlo Vernon, PhD, MPH

Marlo Vernon, PhD, MPH

  • Assistant Professor
photo of Matt Humphries, MS, CCRP

Matt Humphries, MS, CCRP

  • Research Operations Manager
photo of Darryl Nettles, DPA

Darryl Nettles, DPA

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow
photo of Carrie McAteer, MPH, CCRC

Carrie McAteer, MPH, CCRC

  • Project Coordinator
photo of Sydney Andrzejak, MS

Sydney Andrzejak, MS

  • Community Outreach Coordinator
photo of Christine O'Meara, MA, MPH

Christine O'Meara, MA, MPH

  • Community Outreach Coordinator
photo of Maryclaire Regan, MPH

Maryclaire Regan, MPH

  • Community Program Coordinator
photo of Brandon Warrick, BS

Brandon Warrick, BS

  • Communitry Program Coordinator
photo of Kiara Houston, MPH

Kiara Houston, MPH

  • Community Program Assistant - cCARE II
photo of Fonda Doby, LSW, TTS

Fonda Doby, LSW, TTS

  • Tobacco Cessation Coordinator
photo of Vishal Doshi, MS

Vishal Doshi, MS

  • Systems Analyst
photo of April Parham, BS, TTS

April Parham, BS, TTS

  • Patient Educator
photo of Kaylee Martin, BS

Kaylee Martin, BS

  • Research Associate
photo of Amy Szoka, BS, ICPS

Amy Szoka, BS, ICPS

  • Senior Research Associate
photo of Lindsay Mangrum

Lindsay Mangrum

  • Student Research Assistant
photo of Antonea Evans, BA

Antonea Evans, BA

  • Community Program Coordinator
photo of Constance Burke, BS

Constance Burke, BS

  • Community Program Assistant
photo of Britny Jackson, MPA

Britny Jackson, MPA

  • Patient Educator
photo of Patricia MacDonald

Patricia MacDonald

  • Administrative Assistant 2

Cancer Research News

People standing in front of a building

STAT-5 molecule holds promise to reprogram white blood cells for better cancer treatment outcome

A group of scientists at the Georgia Cancer Center of Augusta University recently reported that CAR T cells can stay active longer and mediate tumor killing more effectively when STAT5, a key signaling molecule, is kept in an active form within CAR T cells.

Dr. Roni Bollag and assistant in lab

Banking for the Future

If you’ve ever heard a Northerner and a Southerner discuss winter weather, you know that cold can be a relative term. But when Dr. Roni Bollag, director of the Georgia Cancer Biorepository, uses the term, he means it. The freezers he oversees start cold and get colder: blood derivatives are stored at -80 degrees Celsius, […]

Dr. Marlo Vernon and patient using text-based pregnancy app

Texting for a Healthier Pregnancy

When Dr. Marlo Vernon, now an assistant professor in the cancer prevention, control and population health program at the Georgia Cancer Center, was looking for innovation challenges to share with her Innovation and Technology in Health Care students, she ran across the Remote Pregnancy Monitoring Grand Challenge, a technology-based competition conducted by the Health Resources […]

CSM grant winners smiling at camera

From the Wire: R&D 2020

Layman receives top reproductive medicine researcher award Dr. Lawrence C. Layman, chief of the Section of Reproductive Endocrinology, Infertility and Genetics in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, is the 2019 recipient of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Distinguished Researcher Award. Layman, Robert B. Greenblatt, […]