Current Students

  • Step 1: Access and login to POUNCE
  • Step 2: Select “Student” tab
  • Step 3: Select “Student Records”
  • Step 4: Select “Request Official Transcript” 

Electronic Transcripts

Go Green! In an attempt to reduce the amount of paper transcripts printed and also reduce the processing time for requests, Augusta University has opted to offer Official Transcripts in an electronic PDF version, as well as the traditional printed version. Electronic Transcripts are issued directly from our Institution and sent VIA e-mail to the requested recipient. All alumni/ former student requests will be placed through Current students who wish to send transcripts electronically must place requests through If the recipient and/ or organization do not participate in our electronic network, please use their e-mail address.

Although this is an official document, it is important to confirm the recipient will accept this electronic version in lieu of a printed copy prior to placing the request.

Why Request an Electronic version of your transcript?

  1. An electronic version reduces the time you have to wait! Electronic transcript requests received during normal business hours will be processed and in the recipient’s inbox much faster than having them sent via standard mail.
  2. Electronic requests are fully traceable. Unlike paper requests which are placed in the mail, Electronic requests provide notification each step of the way: when the transcript is sent, received and opened. You’ll even know exactly who opened it so you can relay their contact information to the student.
  3. Going Green! Electronic requests require no paper to be used.
  4. Security. Encrypted data is transmitted via a secure internet connection applying the same high security protocols and confidentiality standards used for online banking and commerce.

Former Students/ Alumni

Alumni and Former Students Requests

Augusta University and Scrip-Safe have partnered together to provide former students and alumni with access to an online ordering system through a secure website. Please login to to order your transcript. Please select the appropriate institution you attended (Augusta University formerly Georgia Regents University, formerly Georgia Health Sciences University, formerly Medical College of Georgia or formerly Augusta State University).

You can order your transcripts using a Visa or MasterCard at any time. Augusta University will process transcript orders from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. When possible, requests should be made well in advance of the date when the transcript is needed.

Transcripts will be sent from Augusta University within 1-2 days after a request is received; however, allow additional time during peak periods.

The secure website will include instructions for placing your transcript order. Order updates will be emailed to you and you can also check your order status and history online.

Please note: If a document is required to be mailed with the official transcript, please upload your document to your transcript request when you submit your request through Examples of such documents would include PASS, PHARM CAS, AMCAS, LSDAS and some state and national board forms.