Charge and Committee

1. The University Calendar Committee shall consist of the University Registrar (non-voting) as chairperson, the University Admissions Director, a representative from each college appointed by the Dean, the Vice President of Human Resources, the Assistant VP for Student Services, Assistant Dean of Students , the Director of Advising, the Bursar, a representative from Financial Aid and the Director of Athletics as a resource. 

2. Meetings are held at least once each year with additional meetings called as necessary. 

3. The University Calendar Committee shall develop and maintain a list of operating guidelines to be considered in planning the University calendar. 

4. The University Calendar Committee will make recommendations and submit a proposed calendar to the Provost. 

5. The proposed calendar will include , at a minimum:

  • Starting and Ending Dates for Each Semester and Session 

  • Breaks and Holidays 

  • Examination Dates 

  • Commencement Dates 

6. Once approved, the Registrar will distribute and publish the calendar.