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Augusta University is committed to creating a culture of well-being, where our faculty and staff can lead healthy and fulfilling lives at work and at home.

We are increasing opportunities for you to participate in comprehensive programs that help you achieve well-being in all the aspects of your life:  physical, mental, financial, and work/life balance.  This site provides a central location for relevant programs, services, and events available at Augusta University and in the community to assist you in achieving your best life . . . JAG WELL!

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AU Well-Being

Well-Being Programs

USG Well-being Events

A system wide culture and environment of well-being. Create a comprehensive approach to achieving well-being that engages and empowers the entire USG community.

USG Employee Assistance Program

KEPRO is an employee assistance program which offers a variety of resources to our employees including but not limited to, counseling (of all types), cost analysis, training, research resources and more.

Employee-Faculty Assistance Program

The Medical College of Georgia provides an on-campus assessment and counseling program for employees, faculty, house staff, graduate students and for the immediate members of their family.

Financial Well-being

Resources to help you meet your financial goals now and in the future. Money Mondays, one-on-one meetings, retirement sessions, and more are at your disposal from the USG/AU well-being teams.

Tobacco Cessation

Let us help you and the people you care about quit tobacco for life! We offer an integrative approach to help tobacco users quit successfully. This includes cigarette, cigar and hookah smokers, electronic-cigarette users, and spit tobacco users.

AU Campus Recreation

The goal of our Campus Recreation center is to help our members improve their quality of life and increase overall fitness.  Whatever your personal wellness goals might be, our team of exercise professionals is specially trained to help you create a plan to reach them.

ROTC students running on campus

Get in Shape with AU ROTC

Practice and participate in early morning cardio sessions on the Summerville campus with cadets in the ROTC program.

Well-Being Events

Augusta University events aimed to cultivate a culture and environment of well-being. Create a comprehensive approach to achieving well-being that stimulate and empower the entire AU well-being community.

USG Well-being Rewards

Earn $100!  Have you registered for the USG Well-being Rewards program?

Employees and their spouses who are enrolled in a USG healthcare plan can each earn up to $100 for completing healthy activities.  All activities must be completed by September 30, 2021 to count toward the 2021 credit.  You can register at or by downloading the mobile app from Virgin Pulse and registering your account.  Employees who are not enrolled in a USG healthcare plan may still participate to earn prizes.

Find answers in the FAQ, which is available at You can also read the Virgin Pulse privacy policy at

ROTC students running on campus

Your Health News

A bowl of food on a table

Nutrition’s role in cervical cancer care and treatment

With January being Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, the Dietitians at the Georgia Cancer Center wanted to take time to discuss nutrition and cervical cancer, along with all other gynecological cancers. When looking into cancer prevention and survivorship in general, diet and exercise often come up. It is true several cancer types are linked to excessive weight and physical inactivity, including uterine and ovarian cancers. General healthy eating, such as a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and routine exercise can help reduce these risks.

Pills laying in a row

Should You Take Dietary Supplements to Fight Cancer?

Following a cancer diagnosis, it’s not unusual for individuals to research ways to boost immunity. Oftentimes, patients will head to the pharmacy and purchase an over the counter supplement without consulting their physician or dietitian. Not the smartest move. Many dietary supplements are associated with adverse reactions that may or may not affect the effectiveness of cancer treatment. Therefore, it is imperative that prior to implementation you discuss the usage of dietary supplements with your doctor and/or dietitian.

Vegetables on a wooden table

Is organic best for reducing cancer risk?

Some consumers these days make a huge deal that organic foods are better than non-organic foods. But that is not entirely true. First off, what is organic? Organic foods are foods that follow the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) specific guidelines of growing, maintaining, and processing foods to earn the USDA certified organic seal if they are 100% organic.

Asian woman holding a glass of milk

Soy, Dairy, and Cancer

Soy and dairy products have been controversial in the past whether they increase or decrease the risk of cancers. This confusion has continued to grow due to the lack of easy to interpret information available to the public. With the continued research throughout the years, studies have shown that when cancer patients incorporate soy and […]

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