At Augusta University, we honor our values of compassion, excellence, inclusivity, integrity, and leadership. We uphold these valuesand their foundational principles like respect and social responsibilityby living them in the small actions we take in our day-to-day lives.

Living these values every day is what it means to be a Jaguar.

The What It Means campaign spotlights how our students live out the Augusta University values, and showcases the everyday ways they embody what it means to be a part of JagNation.

This campaign is led by both undergraduate SGA and graduate SGA. 


Do you know #WhatItMeansToBeAJaguar?

Want to share what AU's values mean to you, and how you or someone you know embodies them every day? Submit your info here to be featured on social media or JagNation.

1. What does [pick your favorite AU value!] mean to you?

2. What does it mean to be a Jaguar?

3. What does it mean to live our values at AU?


Abdullah Darvesh

"To me, inclusivity goes beyond simply having a proportional representation of the population in our student body. It means making sure all individuals feel comfortable being themselves and are respected so that they may strive for academic excellence. It means treating all peers with kindness, and making everyone feel as though their voices are heard."

 -Abdullah Darvesh
2020-2021 GSGA PR

Mehul Mehra

"As an Augusta University Jaguar, we constantly strive to better ourselves, our productive output,  and the circumstances that determine equal opportunity to succeed for all who reside in the CSRA community and beyond.  Together, the Augusta University student body consistently achieves unprecedented personal and professional growth while remaining true to the university values. "

-Mehul Mehra
2020-2021 GSGA Humanitarian

Kasey Balenger

"Living by your values means using your core values as a compass. Here at AU, living our values means letting them guide all decision-making and ensuring that the root of every action taken to move our University forward encompasses our core values."

-Kasey Belanger
2020-2021 GSGA Vice President


Mahadia Islam

"Leadership means listening to others' concerns then voicing them when they cannot. It also means to influence people to do the very best that they can."

 -Mahadia Islam
2020-2021 SGA President

Gabriella Allen

"To be a Jaguar means to be a hard worker, one who strives to be the best version of themselves that they can be."

 -Gabriella Allen
2020-2021 SGA Secretary

Luke Yelton

"Living out our values is ultimately about giving respect to everyone we come in contact with. Our values build us up, and help us to develop the skills to help build up the lives of others. Living out our values helps to make us the light of the world."

-Luke Yelton
2020-2021 SGA Vice President