Digital signage is a great opportunity to publicize events on campus! 

There are four digital monitors located in the JSAC to serve this purpose: 

  • Entrance near the Ballroom
  • Common Room
  • Food Court
  • Middle of the Breezeway 

These monitors are managed by JSAC Operations and used to primarily communicate to students, faculty, staff, and guests about events scheduled in the JSAC.  Additional information that may be seen on the monitors at various times is news, weather, and events for Registered Student Organizations and University Departments that are scheduled outside the JSAC.  All signs for Registered Student Organizations must be approved by Student Life and Engagement

Digital signs are uploaded as received. 

Digital signs will remain on display for a period of two weeks unless extended time is approved by JSAC Operations. 

There are no fees associated with digital signs at this time.  Please note that all copyright and trademark laws will be observed and upheld.  Once a request has been reviewed, a confirmation e-mail is sent.

It is the responsibility of each organization or department to notify JSAC Operations of any changes are made, and the digital sign is removed at that point.  A replacement sign may be submitted by the sponsoring organization or department following the same deadline.  If the date of the event is changed, note that a display is only posted for a maximum of two weeks.

It is the responsibility of each organization to review edits such as spelling, grammar, fonts, official colors, color schemes, and any branding or identity conflicts.  JSAC Operations does not edit submissions. 

JSAC Digital Advertisement Instructions as a PDF

The following criteria apply to all submissions:

  1. Only JPEG files are accepted.
  2. Resolution must be 72 dpi.
  3. Pixel Size must be 1080 pixels wide, 840 pixels tall.
  4. Color model must be RGB.

In addition, submissions that include any or all of the following are not uploaded:

  1. Political endorsements (candidate or topical).
  2. Religious content.
  3. Solicitation by outside vendors.
  4. General offensive, pornographic or defamatory content. 
  5. Promoting behavior that violates University policies and/or values, or local, state, or federal law.
  6. Encouraging the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages. (Promotions the encourage moderation and responsible use are permitted)
  7. Copyrighted or trademarked work of others including, but not limited to, logos, digital images, photographs, paintings, movies, videos and written works.
  8. Commercial advertisements for businesses, organizations, entities or individuals not associated with the University.

Contact JSAC Operations at 706-729-2382 or

JSAC Operations reserves the right to refuse, edit, or remove digital signage content for any reason.

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