Serving as the voice of students at Augusta University.

"We, the students of the Augusta University, in order to form a democratic, efficient and responsible student government to represent, lead, unify, and govern the student body; to decide and act for the students upon any matter involving the students' interests; to promote common understanding between students, faculty, and administration while protecting the individual rights of students, do hereby establish and adopt this constitution of the Augusta University Student Government Association." ~SGA Preamble

The Student Government Association (SGA), is an entity of Student Life & Engagement. The purpose of the SGA shall be to serve as the main voice of the student body of Augusta University. The SGA shall represent, lead, unify, and govern the interests of student success at Augusta University.

The purpose of the SGA at Augusta University:

      • Represent the interest of the undergraduate student body in all affairs.
      • Serve as a liaison between students, faculty, and the administration of Augusta University
      • Promote Augusta University and its students to the surrounding communities.
      • Represent the student body to campus, university, state, and national bodies, including the Board of Regents.
      • Resolve student concerns by making policy change in the interest of the student body.

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