Chemical Inventory Program

Chemical Inventory Database

ALL chemical users are required to participate in the Chemical Inventory Program.  Principal Investigators and other chemical users are required to maintain current inventories by completing semi-annual reviews of their inventory and updates to their database accounts.  Note: Updates are to be completed at least 30 days prior to the report dates of January 1st and July 1st through the Chemical Inventory Database.

The institutional information, chemical data, user access and security systems are maintained by Chemical Safety Office (CSO) staff members and a CSO staff member who serves as the database administrator.

Access to the database is provided by the Chemical Safety Office.


There are three Federal Laws that established the basis and the standards for collecting, storing, and maintaining chemical inventories, and producing regulatory reports from the data collected.

All Institutions or Companies that use or store hazardous chemicals must complete and submit a SARA Title III, Tier II report annually in February of every calendar year as part of the EPCRA emergency planning requirements.

Also under the Georgia Public Employees Hazardous Chemical Protection and Right-to-Know Rules Law, all University System of Georgia institutions must submit chemical lists to the Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) and the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) in January and July of every calendar year.

In an effort to meet the requirement, the Chemical Safety Office has developed the Chemical Inventory Program and provides a web-based database for managing chemical inventories. This database is used to collect, store, and maintain an avalanche of data, for 'Cradle-to-Grave' management and tracking of all hazardous chemicals brought on site, and to compile reports from the data collected for institutional decision makers and federal, state, and local regulators.

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