Chemical Inventory Database Online Training Course

Module 2: InventoryThis course was developed to introduce the Augusta University Chemical Inventory Program, and to provide training in the use of the Chemical Inventory Database.

The database program is secured behind a firewall and is password protected. You may not access the program from outside the Augusta University Network systems. You may not access the program without a login name and password, and you may not view any information other than your own.

The training course is divided into seven parts to provide flexibility in time spent and versatility in user selection of areas where training is desired. Click on the Module name to begin training.

  • Module 2: Inventory Viewing, Sorting, Preview/Print Reports, Updating Your Inventory, and Adding Hazardous Waste Streams for Satellite Accumulation containers
  • Module 3: Training   Viewing & Updating Employee Training Records, and Adding a New Worker to Your Lab.
  • Module 5: Reports User Requested Specialized Reports, Access, Navigation, & Participation

We do not attempt to demonstrate the use of Windows components-dialog boxes, check boxes, pointers and cursors, list boxes and drop-down boxes. All these are common to Windows programs, and we have assumed that you understand how to use them. Please refer to your Windows documentation for basic Windows training, or select Windows Tutorial from the Program Manager's Help Menu.