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The Industrial Hygiene and Safety (IHS) Office deals primarily with environmental and indoor air quality problems, industrial hygiene support, occupational safety issues, and special regulated waste categories. 


photo of Lisa Jan Wooldridge
Lisa Jan Wooldridge

Manager, Industrial Hygiene and Safety Programs
photo of Garrett Godsey
Garrett Godsey

Industrial Hygienist & Laser Safety Officer
photo of Cleveland Mixon
Cleveland Mixon

EHS Specialist
photo of  Jim Smith
Jim Smith

Environmental Coordinator



Assessment and Monitoring

Laser Safety Program

Respiratory Protection Program
Respirator Fact Sheet


Accident / Injury Procedure

Chemical Fume Hoods

Eyewash Stations & Safety Showers
Confined Space Policy
Occupation Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)


Universal Waste

Asbestos Abatement Renovation or Demolition Flowchart
Land Disturbing Activity
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


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