Undergraduate Program

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The Department of Psychological Sciences has much to offer! Our classes foster the understanding of human behavior, principles of development, cognition, social psychology, biological psychology and more. Our students take part in undergraduate research, internships, study abroad, the Leadership certificate, Honors classes and more.

What are the Values of Psychological Sciences?

Content Knowledge: Our program promotes a fundamental command of the discipline's empirical content, major theoretical perspectives, and ethical principles. Our classes provide foundational knowledge regarding the application of behavior and mental processes to self and others.

Critical Thinking, Research and Measurement Skills: Our classes prepare students to apply critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and problem solving skills in a variety of contents.

Ethical integrity: Our program prepares students to apply ethical integrity across academic, personal and professional settings.

Professional Development and Personal Responsibility: We offer experiences that encourage personal responsibility, initiative, and collaborative engagement. We promote an environment that fosters professional development leading to a psychologically related career.

Social and Cultural Awareness: Our curriculum provides knowledge of cultural diversity and promotes an atmosphere of cultural awareness and empathy.

Communication: We utilize assignments that allow students to develop the ability to communicate with professionalism.

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