Current Student Testimonials


Charese Tarutis:

Second-Year Clinical Student

"During my second year, I've had the opportunity to work in psychiatric

settings and apply my clinical skills. I have the chance to apply what

I have learned in a therapeutic setting which gives me more experience

in the field and prepares me for life after graduation doing therapy"


April Graves:

First-Year Clinical Student

"I appreciate the focus on skill-building because I intend on practicing

after I graduate. I came to Augusta University to improve my

abilities as a future therapist. My cohort (other first-year students) is

full of brilliant, inquisitive, and supportive people. I couldn't have asked

for a better group of people to complete this program with."


John Shallcross:

Second-Year Experimental Student

"My research interests include the neurobiology of fear and anxiety and

the anxiolitic function of NMDA receptor antagonist drugs: alcohol and



Dena Phillips:

First-Year Experimental  Student

"I particularly like the opportunity to be engaged with research. Gaining

lab/research experience is perhaps the most important reason I am

here at Augusta University - to gain research experience to

bolster my applications for PhD. programs."


Nick Ross:

First-Year Experimental Student

"I am interested in human factors research and plan on continuing on for

a PhD. in HF psychology. I have particularly enjoyed the research practicum

class. The focus on research ethics and applied research experience was

the most valuable portion of my first semester of this Master's program."