Use the Science of Psychology to Make a Difference

With a Master of Science degree in psychology from Augusta University, you'll be well prepared for a career in mental health or research, or to work toward a doctoral degree. While earning your degree, you will gain practical experience in clinical, research and/or teaching internships and have the opportunity to complete an independent research thesis. Graduate students in our program work closely with our faculty in psychological assessment, therapy, and research. Students also share close bonds with each other through our cohort model.

The MS Program in Psychological Sciences is designed as a full-time, day-time, and year-around program. Most students finish the degree in two years. The Clinical/Counseling Program is accredited by the Master’s in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC) for a period of 2017-2027.

What Makes Our Program Unique

As a Graduate Student you will be able to:

  • Enjoy Small Class Sizes.  Our student to faculty ratios are 16:1 or smaller. 
  • Delve into Relevant Coursework including psychological assessment and psychotherapy for Clinical/counseling students and intensive research experiences for experimental students.  
  • Work alongside faculty on research projects that result in presentations and publications. 
  • Benefit from individual Mentoring.  All students have a faculty mentor to guide them through the program.
  • Gain valuable work experience with our Internship Opportunities.  We offer a large variety of internship placements in the community and on campus. 
  • Develop professionally through our Graduate Assistantship Opportunities.  Assistantships pay for students' tuition and offer stipends in exchange for 10 hours of work for the department.   
  • Take advantage of our thesis Option.  A thesis is particularly helpful for students who plan to apply for a PhD. in psychology.
  • Be prepared for the workplace with a wealth of Employment Opportunities. Our graduates report a 91% employment rate. They work as counselors, behavior specialists, college lecturers, research associates, and in human resources. 
  • Prepare to become a counselor with a program that meets the academic standards for the Licensed Professional Counselor license in Georgia.  

Career Options

As a graduate of the M.S. in Psychology program, students are equipped to secure positions such as:

  • Licensed Counselor
  • Behavioral health specialist
  • Case manager
  • Crisis worker
  • Research Assistant or Associate

3 M.S. Psychology Tracks



This track is geared toward meeting the academic requirements for the Licensed Professional Counselor license in Georgia. It is a 60 hour program and requires 600 hours of clinical internship.  The program is based on a cohort model with all students beginning in fall semester. The clinical track is accredited by the Masters in Psychology & Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC).


This track prepares students to work as a research assistant or associate immediately after graduation. Graduates of this track typically work under the direction of doctoral level researchers coordinating large research projects. Students gain intensive research experiences through a first year research practicum with a faculty mentor and 450 hours of research internship. It is a 40 hour program completed over 5 semesters.  Some students also use this degree to teach psychology at the college level and teaching internships are an option.


This track is a traditional doctoral preparatory track and requires an independent research thesis. Students gain intensive research experiences through a first year research practicum and a second year research internship. It is a 41 hour program completed over 5 semesters.

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Your Learning Experience at Augusta University

The MS Program in Psychological Sciences is designed as a full-time, day-time, and year-around program.

Most students finish the degree in two years. Students complete coursework in core psychology areas such as learning, developmental, social psychology, and research methods, as well as specialized courses in assessment, therapy, and research skills.

M.S. in psychology cohort

2021-2023 cohort


The department offers a limited number of graduate assistantships which reduce tuition and provide a monthly income in return for services to the university (grading objective tests, conducting library searches, answering office phones, collecting research data, tutoring students, etc.). These are assigned by the Department Chair each semester from among those students applying or recommended by the faculty.

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Annual M.S. in Psychology Program Data

  2020-2021 2021-2022
  Clinical / Counseling Experimental Clinical / Counseling Experimental
Number of Applications Received 51 11 73 22
Number of Students Admitted 12 7 11 6
Number of Newly Enrolled 9 6 9 5
Total Number of Students Enrolled 18 13 16 11
Number of Graduates 8 4    
Number Enrolled in Fall 2014
Who Graduated (5-year Graduation Rate)
91% 100%    
Percent of Graduates in Past 2 Years
Granted an Associate License
55% N/A    
Percent of Graduates from 2014-2016
Who Became Fully Licensed (LPC)
(22% are in doctoral programs)

(50% are in doctoral programs)

Percent of Courses Taught by Adjuncts 13% 0%    

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