The hallmark of study in the instrumental area at Augusta University focuses on the top-notch faculty and ensembles. We have a variety of ensembles for both the music and non-music major: Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Pep Band, Jazz Ensemble and various chamber ensembles. During 2019, the AU Wind Ensemble took two tours in the state of Georgia (Atlanta and Savannah).

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

The Bachelor of Music in Music Education prepares students for careers as K-12 music teachers in public and private schools.

Bachelor of Music in Performance (Instrumental)

A performance major prepares students for careers as instrumentalists in symphonic, jazz and popular styles; popular music; and as solo recitalists, accompanists, private and college teachers, and church musicians.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The liberal arts emphasis of the Bachelor of Arts degree provides music students greater exposure to courses in other academic areas. Students concentrate their coursework in areas that support their career goals.


Meet the Instrumental Faculty