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The ability to communicate in more than one language is a prized skill in the global marketplace, and the process of learning a language facilitates neural development and mental flexibility. Our courses focus on both language and culture, helping our students to be better thinkers and global citizens.

Students in the World Languages Program learn to analyze aural, visual, and written texts; to write in a variety of modes and for different audiences; to conduct independent and collaborative research; and to understand domestic and global cultures through language study. The French and Spanish concentrations provide opportunities for students to study literature, to hone conversation, composition, and translation skills, and to work closely with faculty on academic research. Students interested in teaching follow the Secondary Teacher Certification path, which helps them to develop the content knowledge they need in the classroom.

The World Languages Placement Exam

Heritage or native speakers and students who have taken the language in high school should take the World Languages Placement Exam. The exam is administered by the Department of English and World Languages.

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Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and a concentration in French

Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and a concentration in French with P-12 Teacher Certification

Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and a concentration in Spanish

Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and a concentration in Spanish with P-12 Teacher Certification

What can I do with a BA in World Languages?

The Spanish and French concentrations prepare students to speak and write well, analyze complex information, conduct and present research, and understand and apply cultural competency skills. With these skills, you can work for publishers, schools, hospitals, businesses, non-profit and government agencies. Translators and interpreters are readily needed in schools, hospitals, and courts.

Internationalize your degree through

  • Language learning (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish)
  • Study Abroad (Spain and Greece)
  • Translation Studies, TESOL, Linguistics
  • Clubs (Club de Espanol, Le Cercle Francais, German Table)
  • Internships (Asociaci6n Cultural Hispanoamericana, Asociaci6n Latina de Services del CSRA, and Bienvenidos Press)
  • Double majoring in French or Spanish
  • Minoring in a World Language and a certificate in TESOL or Linguistics

World Languages Faculty

photo of Dr. Liana Babayan

Dr. Liana Babayan

  • French/ Literature
photo of Dr. Giada Biasetti

Dr. Giada Biasetti

  • Spanish/ Translation Studies
photo of Dr. Robert Bledsoe

Dr. Robert Bledsoe

  • German/ Literature
photo of Dr. Christopher Botero

Dr. Christopher Botero

  • Director of World Languages
photo of Dr. E. Nicole Meyer

Dr. E. Nicole Meyer

  • French/ Literature
photo of Dr. Frank Otero Luque

Dr. Frank Otero Luque

  • Spanish/ Literature
photo of Dr. Jiayao Wang

Dr. Jiayao Wang

  • Chinese/ Literature