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Augusta University is home to a community of scholars, visionaries, and change-makers. The Office of New Student and Family Transitions strives to inspire and empower each and every new student to leave a mark on the world. Here in the Office of New Student & Family Transitions we work each and every day to ensure that our students and their families transition into our community is like no other

We strive for excellence in what we do, and how we do it. Through innovative and high-impact practices, we deliver just-in-time information that supports the whole student, and their family through their transition into our community. We approach orientation as an educational process and as a launching pad, with the introduction and discovery of the individual, relationships, and foundational routines that serve as the bedrock of their development, scholarship, and leadership.

The Jaguar Way

Augusta University's Office of New Student and Family Transitions embraces each member of our shared community, and we believe that our differences unify, rather than divide us. We begin each Orientation Experience by sharing stories, words, and more from our Orientation Leader Team.

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Our Values

The Office of New Student and Family Transitions is committed to the successful transition of all students, and their systems of support. We value the following:

We demonstrate these values in the creation and implementation of all of our programs, events, and experiences as we strive to assure that each individual is able to learn and work in an atmosphere of dignity, equity and inclusion. We ask that all members of our shared Augusta University community be mindful of our responsibility and commitment to create an environment that is welcoming to all, where each person feels accepted, valued and safe.
Our Mission: We cultivate a comprehensive experience that ensures a transformative transition into our shared community.
Our Vision: We envision an experience that empowers change-makers, uplifts our visionaries, and promotes a community of life-long scholars.

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