A 15-year, $300 million dollar alliance between Royal Philips and Augusta University Health has been named a Deal of the Year in the Georgia Bio Awards that honor outstanding accomplishments of individuals, companies, and organizations within the Georgia life sciences community. 

Our radiology residents cover both the Augusta University Medical Center (AUMC) and the adjoining


 Veteran's Administration Hospital (VA). The following are highlights of the diagnostic equipment:

  • Five MRI scanners
    • Three 3T (Two at AUMC, one at VA)
    • Two 1.5T (One at AUMC, one at VA)
  • Five CT Scanners
    • Four 256 slice units (Two at AUMC, two at VA)
    • One 128 slice unit (at AUMC)
  • TOF PET/CT scanner (at AUMC)
  • Two Tomosynthesis digital mammography units  (at AUMC)
  • Two SPECT/CT  (at AUMC)
  • Two angiography units  (at AUMC)
  • Full services in ultrasound, fluoroscopy, digital radiography, and DEXA.