photo of Alvin V. Terry, Jr., PhD

Alvin V. Terry, Jr., PhD

  • Regents' Professor & Chair


Investigates role of cholinergic systems in memory function, and how it is altered by diseases like schizophrenia and Alzheimer's Disease as well as toxins that are found in the environment such as organophosphate insecticides.


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photo of Scott A. Barman, PhD, FAHA

Scott A. Barman, PhD, FAHA

  • Professor & Vice Chair for Education


Investigates signal transduction mechanisms, mostly associated with Galectin-3 and Nox4 which is involved in Pulmonary Hypertension (PH).


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Tantiana Burns, PhD

  • MCG Academic Affairs
  • Associate Professor


photo of R. William Caldwell, PhD

R. William Caldwell, PhD

  • Professor Emeritus


Studies role of availability of L-arginine for NOS in the cardiovascular dysfunctions in diabetes, hypertension, obesity and other diseases involving oxidative stress and inflammation. The group investigates the involvemtn of altered arginase expression and activity.


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photo of Gabor Csanyi, PhD

Gabor Csanyi, PhD

  • Vascular Biology Center
  • Associate Professor


 Our lab focuses on macrophage biology in atherosclerosis.


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photo of Kunzhe Dong, PhD

Kunzhe Dong, PhD

  • Immunology Center of Georgia
  • Assistant Professor


photo of Tohru Fukai, MD, PhD, FAHA

Tohru Fukai, MD, PhD, FAHA

  • Vascular Biology Center
  • Professor


Our lab focuses on oxidative stress and copper transporters in vascular metabolic disease.


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photo of David J. Fulton, PhD

David J. Fulton, PhD

  • Vascular Biology Center
  • Regents' Professor


Our lab focuses on the role of endothelium and reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in cardiovascular disease.


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photo of John A. Johnson, PhD

John A. Johnson, PhD

  • Associate Professor


photo of Seungwoo Kang, PhD

Seungwoo Kang, PhD

  • Assistant Professor


Investigates neurobiological mechanisms underlying addiction and its comorbidities.



photo of Nevin A. Lambert, PhD

Nevin A. Lambert, PhD

  • Regents' Professor & Vice Chair for Research


Investigates structure and function of G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling complexes.  His work uses biophysical methods such as resonance energy transfer and confocal imaging in living cells to investigate receptor quaternary structure and receptor-G protein coupling.


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photo of Rudolf Lucas, PhD

Rudolf Lucas, PhD

  • Vascular Biology Center
  • Professor


Our lab focuses on novel therapies for pulmonary edema.


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photo of Brian Muntean, PhD

Brian Muntean, PhD

  • Assistant Professor


Investigates the rules and mechanisms governing information transfer between neurons, which are essential processes to provide instructions for locomotion and motor coordination.  Research utilizes CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing tools in tandem with optical imaging strategies to interrogate the molecular architecture underlying neuronal signal decoding logic.


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photo of Marco Orecchioni, PhD

Marco Orecchioni, PhD

  • Immunology Center of Georgia
  • Assistant Professor
photo of Raghavan P. Raju, PhD

Raghavan P. Raju, PhD

  • Professor


Investigates molecular basis of organ function changes following injury and the influence of aging using a multidisciplinary approach.   His research is currently focused on mitochondrial alterations and immune regulation following hemorrhagic shock towards identification of molecular mechanisms and therapeutic targets.


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photo of R. Daniel Rudic, PhD

R. Daniel Rudic, PhD

  • Professor


Investigates regulation of the cardiovascular system by intrinsic daily oscillations/rhythms (a circadian rhythm).  Examines gene transcription factors Bmal1 and Clock as the molecular basis of these rhythmic patterns and vascular dysfunction.


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photo of Huabo Su, PhD

Huabo Su, PhD

  • Vascular Biology Center
  • Associate Professor


Our lab focuses on protein quality control in cardiac disease.


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photo of Yunchao Su, MD, PhD

Yunchao Su, MD, PhD

  • Professor

706- 721-7641

Investigates the regulatory mechanisms of pulmonary circulation and lung injury and repair. The focus is on three areas: protein-protein interaction in lung endothelial signaling, calpain in hypoxic pulmonary vascular remodeling and angiogenesis, and lung injury and repair in tobacco smoke exposure.


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photo of Sangeetha Sukumari-Ramesh, PhD

Sangeetha Sukumari-Ramesh, PhD

  • Associate Professor


Our studies focus on the identification and characterization of molecular targets of brain injury after intracerebral hemorrhage, a fatal stroke subtype employing both genetic and pharmacological approaches.


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photo of Almira Vazdarjanova, PhD

Almira Vazdarjanova, PhD

  • Professor

Uses a multilevel approach to investigate forebrain networks involved in encoding and consolidating of memories for emotional events in models of anxiety and impaired cognitive flexibility with special focus on individual differences. The lab has created an animal model of susceptibility for developing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


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photo of Nicole Winston, PharmD

Nicole Winston, PharmD

  • MCG Academic Affairs
  • Assistant Dean
photo of Guangyu Wu, PhD

Guangyu Wu, PhD

  • Professor


Studies G protein-coupled receptor (GPCRs) trafficking, particularly anterograde transport of nascent receptors to the functional destinations en route from the endoplasmic reticulum and the Golgi apparatus. Also investigates the role of G protein-mediated signaling in cancer biology.


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photo of Jiliang Zhou, PhD

Jiliang Zhou, PhD

  • Professor


Investigates smooth muscle biology. In particular, the transcriptional control of vascular smooth muscle differentiation and phenotypic modulation.  These studies are central to the management of vascular disease.


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