The Division of Pediatric Pulmonology provides comprehensive consultation, diagnostic and management services for children with a wide array of pulmonary diseases.

Our pulmonary specialists provide inpatient and outpatient pulmonary consultation for the management of a wide range of pediatric pulmonary diseases, including asthma, bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), interstitial lung disease, pulmonary vascular disease, and restrictive lung disease requiring mechanical ventilation. The Division also provides consultation for children with pediatric sleep problems. 

The Pediatric Pulmonary Function Laboratory (PFT Lab) provides comprehensive diagnostic testing including spirometry, lung volumes, diffusion capacity, sweat testing, exercise challenge and bronchoscopy. 

Medical students interested in pediatrics are encouraged to take our fourth-year elective course to learn more about the practice of outpatient pediatric pulmonary medicine. 

"Deep breaths are like little love notes to your body. Our team is dedicated to helping children take deep breaths."

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