Neurology Grand Rounds Schedule 


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Spring 2024





January 11 8:00 am

“Improving Quality of Life and Cognition in Epilepsy: Why and How to Incorporate Standardized Self-Management in your Practice”

Virtual Guest Speaker- Elaine Kiriakopoulos, MD, MPH, MSc
Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College and a Principal Scientist at Dartmouth Health.
January 4 8:00 am

"Primer on Medical Billing and the Healthcare Revenue Cycle for Trainees and New Attendings”

Amanda Andrews, MD 
December 14 8:00 am

"Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy"

Guest Speaker-Nitin Chouthai, MBBS

Fall 2023





December 7 8:00 am

"Now Let’s Talk About…Autoimmune Neurological Emergencies"

Nilufer Yalcin, MD
November 30 8:00 am

"Psychological Strategies for Effective Care - Assessments, Interventions, and Ideas"

Matthew Kridel, MD
November 16 8:00 am

"Time: the 4th Dimension of Medicine"

David Hess, MD
November 9 8:00 am

“Venous stenting for Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension and Pulsatile Tinnitus”

Dan-Victor Giurgiutiu, MD
November 2 8:00 am

“Practical Considerations for DMD Management in the Era of Gene Therapy”

Crystal Proud, MD
Children’s Hospital of The Kings Daughters
October 26 8:00 am

"Advances in Neuro-oncology"

John W. Henson, MD
October 19 8:00 am

“Surgical Evacuation in ICH”

Dr. Shah/Dr. Kaoutzani
October 12 8:00 am


John E. Hartmann, MD
October 5 8:00 am

 “Stroke 2023”

Rishi Gupta, MD, MBA
Wellstar Health System - Guest Speaker
September 28 8:00 am


Marleny Aquino-Cabrera, MD

September 20 8:00 am

“Antithrombotic Therapy to Prevent Noncardioembolic Stroke: Past, Present, Future”

Jeffrey Switzer, MD

September 14 8:00 am

Prognostication Agent Cardiac Arrest: Beginning with Doubts

Robert Brown, MD
University of Texas at Houston - Guest Speaker
September 7 8:00 am

“Atrial Fibrillation”

Charles Wolf, MD

August 31 8:00 am 

“Spinal Emergencies”

Alexander Post, MD

August 24 8:00 am 

“Spasmodic Dysphonia”

Michael Rivner, MD

August 17 8:00 am

“Brain Tumor Treatment for the Neurologist: An Illustrated Guide”

Martin Rutkowski, MD

August 10 8:00 am

Experience with diverse patient groups treated with the RNS system.’’

Yong Park, MD

Summer 2023






August 3 8:00 am

“Ocular Infarcts”

Askiel Bruno, MD

July 27 8:00 am

"Symptomatic Non Stenotic Carotid”

Dilip Singh, MD

July 20 8:00 am

"Education Updates For Residents & Students"

Dr. Barnes & Dr. Weiss 

June 22 8:00 am

“Spotlight on Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage”

Dr. Shaibu, MD

June 15 8:00 am

“Artificial Intelligence in Epilepsy”

Seung Lee, MD

June 8  8:00 am

"Cortical Spreading Depolarization: An Overview"

Brian Basco, MD

June 1 8:00 am

“Emerging Biomarkers in Multiple Sclerosis”

Natalia Quinones-Herrero, MD

May 25 8:00 am

“Acute Repetitive Seizures: An Overview”


Hunter Smith, MD

May 18  8:00 am

"Autoimmune and Paraneoplastic Encephalitis: A must have review"

Nilufer Yalcin, MD

May 11 8:00 am

Addressing Stroke Burden Through Global Outreach

A Case of Ethiopia 

Mehari Gebreyohanns, MD, FAHA, FAAN
UT Southwestern


Spring 2023





May 4 8:00 am

"Epilepsy in Neuro-Oncology"

Ignacio Faustino Casas-Parera, MD, PhD, FAAN

April 20 8:00 am

"Skimming concepts, pearls, and updates in Movement Disorders"

Colin McLeod, MD

April 13 8:00 am

“Grand Rounds in Headache Medicine”


Sarah Gibbons, DO, FAHS 
Director, Headache and
Concussion Center Saint Luke’s
Marion Bloch Neuroscience Institute
March 30 8:00 am

“Vascular Dissections”

Mithilesh Siddu, MD

March 23 8:00 am

“Myasthenia Gravis—New Antibodies, New Treatments”

Michael H. Rivner, MD

March 16 8:00 am


John C. Morgan, MD, PhD

March 9 8:00 am

“PLA2G6- Associated Neurodegeneration in an Infant with Down Syndrome”


Faizal Asumda, MD 
Assistant Professor,
Departments of Pediatrics,
Pathology & Georgia Cancer Center.
March 2  8:00 am

“Specialist Palliative Care in Neurology”

Egidio Del Fabbro, MD
Chair of Palliative Medicine,
Augusta University
February 23 8:00 am

“Stroke: A Scottish Perspective”

Mary J. MacLeod, PhD
University of Aberdeen
February 16 8:00 am

“A Long Talk on Long COVID”

Tyler Vines, MD
February 9 8:00 am


Charles Wolf, MD
February 2 8:00 am

“Breast Cancer Leptomeningeal Disease: Leading the way to Better Outcomes”

Gerald Wallace, MD
January 12 8:00 am

“Pain Scores, Nociception, and Other Communication Gaps in Chronic Pain Management”

David Wilkie, MD
January 8 8:00 am

"ECMO and Neurology (Stroke?)"

Klepper Garcia, MD, FACP


Fall 2022





December 15 8:00 am

"Immune Paradigm in Traumatic Brain Injury"

Kumar Vaibhav, PhD

December 1 8:00 am

"… and now for something totally different"

Ned Pruitt, MD
November 24   


November 17 8:00 am

“Neurocognitive impairment in psychiatric disorders commonly encountered in the neurology clinic”

Kelly Stanek, PhD
October 20 8:00 am 

"Case Presentation"

Tom Swift, MD