When it comes to blood cancers, also known as hematologic malignancies, one should see the team at the Georgia Cancer Center first because we offer the region’s only blood & marrow transplant and cellular therapy program to treat adult leukemia, lymphoma, plasma cell malignancies and other types of blood cancer or disorder.

Patients have access to both autologous stem cell transplant and allogeneic stem cell transplant. Autologous transplant involves using the patient’s own stem cells. Allogeneic transplant uses stem cells donated by another person. The program recently added immunotherapy for blood cancers. Immunotherapy, also known as chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy where patient’s immune cells are manufactured outside of the body and infused to fight against cancer cells.

To extend these special clinical services to the neighboring communities of Augusta, the Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University has expanded its services by establishing satellite clinical programs in Columbia, South Carolina and in Athens, Georgia. Soon the services will be available in Savannah, Georgia. This program enables your transplant team to remain in close contact with you for more to provide in medical follow-up and supportive care. The Georgia Cancer Center is making every effort to provide these specialized services to the underserved communities in Georgia and South Carolina.