CHEC Step 2

Step 2:  Levels of CHEC Certification

CHEC Certification program incorporates FEMA independent study courses as listed below.

CHEC Level I Certification

  •      CHEC Basic Course
  •      IS-230 Emergency Manager
  •      IS-100 Introduction to ICS (IS-100.c)
  •      IS-200 Basic ICS
  •      IS-700 NIMS
  •      IS-800 NRF

CHEC Level II Certification

All CHEC Level I Certification requirements must be met in addition to the following course work:

  •      IS-120 An Intro to Exercises
  •      IS-235 Emergency Planning
  •      Level II Emergency Plans & Exercise Course

CHEC Level III Certification  

All CHEC Level II Certification requirements must be met in addition to the following requirements:

  •      Basic Disaster Life Support
  •      Advanced Life Support
  •      National Disaster Life Support – Decontamination Course (or a hospital-based operations level decon course)
  •      One Year experience as a Hospital Coordinator

CHEC Certification Request Form

This form must be submitted with your Personal Training Record each time a certification level or certification renewal is requested. Please read the CHEC Request Packet in full. Once your certification packet has been processed and approved, you will be contacted to pay the fee of $75 prior to mailing of your Certification ($50 for re-certification).


Center of Operational Medicine
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta University

706-721-3548 (T)
706-721-7718 (F) 

For questions please call 706-721-3548