CHEC Step 1

The CHEC Certification Program is a tiered certification process incorporating advancing course work as pre-requisites to three levels of certification using the CHEC Basic and Advanced courses as the foundation.

Step 1:  CHEC Courses

CHEC Basic: 2-day course; 13.5 CEU’s       

CHEC Advanced: 1-day course; 6.75 CEUs

  •      CHEC courses are customarily offered over 3 consecutive days.
  •      Single course enrollment is permitted.
  •      CHEC Basic is a pre-requisite to CHEC Advanced.
  •      CEUs are honored and accepted by The State Office of EMS and EMA to maintain certification.
  •      Students receive a handbook and electronic resource materials.


Center of Operational Medicine
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta University

706-721-3548 (T)
706-721-7718 (F) 

For questions please call 706-721-3548