The Basic Disaster Life Support™ (BDLS®) course is a one-day, eight-hour competency-based, awareness-level course that introduces concepts and principles to prepare health care professionals for the management of injuries and illnesses caused by disasters and public health emergencies. The primary focus of the course is the incorporation of an “all-hazards” approach to mass casualty management and population-readiness. This includes: 

  • The application of core principles and concepts in emergency management and public health using the mnemonic DISASTER Paradigm™
  • Measures to ensure and enhance health care workforce readiness
  • A consistent and scalable approach to workforce protection and casualty management, mass casualty triage and fatality management.

The overarching aim of the BDLS course is to teach a common lexicon, vocabulary, and knowledge base for the clinical and public health management of all ages and populations affected by disasters and public health emergencies, through a standardized curriculum that is practical and relevant for all health care professionals. Knowledge gained in the course can then be reinforced and expanded through application in the Advanced Disaster Life Support™ (ADLS®) course. 

These BDLS course is ideal for personnel from emergency medical service, hazardous materials, public health, and other health care professionals that respond to natural disasters, traumatic and explosive events, nuclear and radiological events, biological events and chemical events.

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