The Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University partners with the Georgia Statewide AHEC (Area Health Education Center) Network for the development, coordination and maintenance of many off campus, community based education sites.  

Georgia AHECs are pleased that you will be completing a portion of your medical education in a Georgia community.  Community based training will give you a unique opportunity to experience health care in a real world setting and interact one-on-one with your community based preceptor and patients.  

There are six regional AHEC offices in Georgia.  Each AHEC Center is a community-driven, non-profit corporation supported by federal, state and local assistance.  Each AHEC in Georgia will look a little different based on individual funding opportunities as well as needs of the communities they serve in their particular region of the state. 

Georgia AHECs can assist students with the following:

  • Housing or housing stipends (in metro Atlanta)
  • Travel stipends (if no housing or housing stipend is provided
  • Support for students while on rotation
  • Orientation and information about local community

Note:  Funding for AHEC housing locations, housing stipends and travel stipends are based on state and federal dollars as well as community partnerships and grant opportunities.  Changes to housing availability, housing locations, and stipend allotments can occur during the academic year based on those funding sources.    

Each AHEC office staffs a preceptor coordinator that works to develop partnerships with community based health care practitioners to provide necessary clinical training sites for medical students from the Medical College of Georgia and other health professional programs in the state.  The preceptor coordinators in each of the AHEC regions will be your contact for assistance with information regarding preceptors, housing support, travel stipends, community resources and procedures specific to your site assignment. 

Georgia AHEC Centers:

If you have any questions about the support that the Georgia Statewide AHECs provide please contact:
photo of Erin Mundy, MPA

Erin Mundy, MPA

  • AHEC Director of Community Based Training Programs
  • Georgia Statewide AHEC Network Program Office
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine