Hull College offers MBA formats tailored to your schedule.

Our full-time MBA on campus can be completed in one accelerated year. Or, our online and part-time MBA formats allow you to complete your degree two classes at a time while continuing to work full time. Online or on campus, every MBA format offers the same gold-standard curriculum taught by full-time faculty members who provide individual attention along with new knowledge and skills you can immediately apply in any industry.

The Hull MBA

The Hull MBA provides you with the skills, experience, and professional network needed to advance in today’s highly competitive, dynamic work environment.

MBA courses are taught by renowned Hull College faculty who facilitate an engaging learning environment through a variety of course formats. Whether courses are taught face-to-face, online, executive style, or as immersion courses (such as study abroad), you will participate in highly engaging learning activities with other professionals and will be able to immediately apply what you've learned in the classroom to your work.

As you progress through your courses, there are opportunities to develop your network and professional skills beyond the classroom.

Workshops and networking events are planned throughout the program to assist with career, personal, and professional advancement.

The Hull Online MBA

The Hull Online MBA, a consortium member of the Georgia WebMBA, is an online degree program designed for professionals who want to earn their degree without the restrictions of set class times and locations.

The Hull Online MBA at Augusta University is a cohort, team-based program designed for working professionals. The experience begins with an in-person orientation in Atlanta, followed by two courses per semester for five consecutive semesters. The online program delivers an AACSB internationally accredited, accelerated degree through a consortium of Georgia colleges.

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Earning an MBA is one of the best investments you can make. Not only is an MBA a widely sought after degree, but it is also relatively affordable to obtain.


The Hull MBA provides an engaging learning environment and educational experience. Join a collaborative learning community at Augusta University—one of Georgia's four research institutions.


The Hull MBA will help you achieve your personal and professional goals through courses taught by renowned Hull College of Business faculty. Our 30-hour curriculum is flexible and can be completed within 12-24 months.

MBA Curriculum

The Hull MBA

The required 30-hour curriculum for Hull's MBA program can be completed within 12 or 24 months.

MBA students will engage in a core set of ten courses designed to strengthen managerial skills in the fundamental business areas ranging from accounting and marketing to operations and strategy. Courses are offered in an evening face-to-face or hybrid format.

  • ACCT 6300: Accounting Systems for Managerial Control
  • ECON 6800: National & International Economics for Managers
  • FINC 6400: Managerial Finance
  • MGMT 6500: Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT 6510: Managerial Leadership
  • MGMT 6580: Strategic Management
  • MINF 6620: Management of Information Technology
  • MKTG 6700: Marketing Management
  • QUAN 6600: Business Analytics for Managers
  • QUAN 6610: Designing, Managing, and Improving Operations

The Hull Online MBA

The Hull Online MBA is part of the Georgia WebMBA consortium, and the curriculum consists of 10 courses. Students who have not taken an equivalent undergraduate-level course will be required to complete Pre-MBA Foundation Modules (Financial Accounting, Understanding Corporate Finance, and Business Math & Stats) administered by a third-party vendor, Ivy Software. Completion is the sole responsibility of the applicant and evidence of completion must be provided prior to attending WebMBA Orientation. If completion of foundation modules is not completed before WebMBA Orientation, the student will not be registered for classes and, thus, deferring admittance into the program until such requirements are satisfied. The program is only allowed to defer acceptance to the next semester once. If the student does not start the program within the allotted amount of time, the student must reapply to the program.
*USG employees wishing to utilize TAP will be placed on a waitlist once accepted to the Hull Online MBA program.

Students complete two online courses each term for five consecutive terms. New students may begin in January or August. Up to six credit hours of graduate transfer credit may be considered. Students must successfully complete a mandatory two-day orientation in Atlanta. 

  • WMBA 1000: WebMBA Orientation
  • WMBA 6000: Human Behavior in Organizations
  • WMBA 6010: Managerial Accounting
  • WMBA 6030: Global and International Business
  • WMBA 6040: Managerial Decision Analysis
  • WMBA 6050: Strategic Marketing
  • WMBA 6060: Managerial Finance
  • WMBA 6070: Entrepreneurship
  • WMBA 6080: Management Information Systems
  • WMBA 6100: Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • WMBA 6110: Business Strategic Management

Learning Goals Academic Planning Request Info

Learning Goals

Begin your professional transformation

Enhance your existing skills while equipping yourself to handle the operational, financial or managerial aspects of any business. You’ll be twice as marketable and can make a living you’re passionate about. Here are the skills you can expect to have upon completion of our program.


  • MBA graduates will communicate effectively to multiple stakeholders in written form.
  • MBA graduates will communicate effectively to multiple stakeholders in oral form.


  • MBA graduates will employ best collaboration practices as a member of a group or team.
  • MBA graduates will employ best leadership practices as a member of a group or team.


  • MBA graduates will justify strategic solutions in business decision-making, guided by ethical principles.
  • MBA graduates will integrate appropriate business principles and concepts across business disciplines to inform decision-making.

Online MBA

  • MBA students will analyze and evaluate courses of action using appropriate qualitative and quantitative tools in order to create value.
  • MBA students will recognize and evaluate the impact on business decisions of the ethical and social dimensions of business activities.
  • MBA students will formulate and assess integrated technology solutions to influence structures, processes, and techniques of management.
  • MBA students will analyze global economic environments, integrate multiple business components, and assess impact using a risk analysis.
  • MBA students will integrate multiple business functions across a broad range of situations by solving problems and making strategic decisions.
  • MBA students will apply team-development and leadership skills in group settings to produce, evaluate and present business decisions.

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