University Records


Records maintains and controls access to Augusta University employee personnel files. The goal of the section is to keep accurate hard copy and electronic personnel records. Supervisors may review the personnel file of those employees in their areas of responsibility in the presence of a Personnel Records staff member. In addition, a current employee may review his/her own personnel file in the presence of a Personnel Records staff member.  

2016 License Renewal for RNs - Verification of Worked Hours - HR can help!

Time to Renew

For University RNs that need verification of worked hours completed for renewal of licensure for 2016, please scan your request to GRHR_Records or fax to 706-721-2899.  University Records will provide you with the information within 48 hours.

Temporary Employees 


Personnel Records will only release general employment information for verification purposes. Signed authorization from the individual in question is required for the release of employment information. Requests to verify employment are completed daily on a first-come, first-served basis. All requests are processed within 2-3 business days from the date received, unless further research is required. Please note that Personnel Records is unable to provide any verbal confirmation of employment or character references.   

Employment Letters:

At the request of the employee, Personnel Records will prepare an official letter of employment, limited to two originals. Twenty-four hours advanced notice is required. The letter will include the employee’s date of employment, position title, and department name. Salary can be included by request only.