University Records


Records maintains and controls access to the official employment files for faculty, staff, retirees, and non-paid affiliates of Augusta University. The goal of this section is to ensure that the hard copy and electronic personnel records are accurate, relevant, and comply with the University System of Georgia (USG) guidelines for personnel records.  

Personnel File Review

An active employee may review his/her own employee file in the presence of a Records staff member. Department managers/supervisors may also have access to the information in the personnel file of their direct reports in the presence of a Records staff member. File reviews are by appointment and require a 24-hour advance notice. You may email your request to Anita Herrington/HR Records Coordinator at or call 706-721-7900.  An employee may request copies of the documents in their personnel file. There is no charge for the first 10 pages, but there will be a $0.25 fee for each additional page.

LICENSE renewal

For Augusta University RNs that need verification of hours worked, please complete the Georgia Board of Nursing Continuing Competence-Evidence of Active Nursing Practice Form and scan your request form to HR_AU_EMPLOYMENTVERIFICATIONS@AUGUSTA.EDU or fax to 706-721-2899.  Augusta University Records will provide you with the information within 2 business days.


Records will only release general employment information for verification purposes. The Employment Verification Request Form must be completed and signed to process the request. You can send the completed form to the Records Office by fax to 706-721-2899 or send email to  All requests are processed within 2 business days from the date received, unless further research is required. The Records Office is unable to provide any verbal confirmation of employment or character references.   At the request of the employee, the Records Office will prepare an official letter of employment, limited to two originals. Twenty-four hours advanced notice is required. The letter will include the employee’s date of employment, position title, and department name. Salary can be included by request only. If you have any questions, please contact the Records Office at 706-721-3631 or by

 Records REQUEST

The Legal Affairs Office serves as the University’s Custodian of Records for purposes of the Georgia Open Records Act. If you are requesting access to University records pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act, please contact the Legal Affairs Office at

The Georgia Open Records Act requires persons requesting access to documents to compensate the University for the reasonable and necessary cost of compiling, accessing, assembling, or copying records in response to a request.

If your office or department receives a request for access to records under the Georgia Open Records Act, please contact the Legal Affairs Office right away. Subpoenas and discovery requests are also deadline-driven. If your office receives a Subpoena or discovery request, please contact the Legal Affairs Office right away.