University Compensation


The Compensation staff develops and administers the institution's compensation plans for classified staff.

  • Classifies new positions and reclassifies existing positions

  • Develops job specifications

  • Processes extra pay/extra duty requests

  • Conducts audits of classified positions to determine appropriate title and pay grade

  • Participates in salary surveys

  • Develops/updates the alphabetical index of classified position titles

  • Recommends changes to salaries based on market data

  • Establishes/updates shift differentials, weekend premiums and on-call rates

  • Advises on requests for temporary employment


The Compensation section of Human Resources is responsible for maintaining a market-competitive compensation structure for the University. The responsibilities of this section include coordinating tuition reimbursement; ensuring current job descriptions are maintained on file through review and evaluation of position descriptions; analyzing salary data to ensure the pay structure is aligned with the market; processing market adjustments; monitoring compliance with pay-related federal, state, and local regulations; review and approval of special pay requests; and guidance in calculation of salaries for new hires, promotions, and demotions.


It is the mission of the Compensation section to provide quality service through creating and maintaining programs and processes which add value to Augusta University and its employees, leading to improved employee empowerment, growth, and retention while committed to Augusta University values, its management and well-being for its customers and employees.


Our philosophy is to enhance the services offered to both our patients and our staff. We seek to attract, motivate, and retain high-quality, competent, innovative employees through a market-competitive compensation program. This program facilitates a performance-driven culture and encourages excellence through an organization-wide incentive plan.