This new policy allows all regular, benefits-eligible employees of Augusta University with a work commitment of one half time (20 hours a week) or more to voluntarily contribute unused sick leave to a pool for use by another benefits-eligible employee who is also a member of the program and who is experiencing a serious health condition or whose immediate family member is experiencing a serious health condition and who has used all of their accumulated paid leave.

Donated leave is placed in a pool to be used by other members of the program as approved. Voluntary participation in the program is available to benefit eligible employees who have completed their provisional period. Full time employees must agree to irrevocably donate at least eight (8) hours of sick leave up to a maximum of eighty (80) hours per calendar year and those less than full time must donate an equivalent prorated amount based on their work commitment.

The identity of both donors and recipients is confidential. Employees who would like to donate their sick leave to the sick leave pool must maintain a minimum of 40 hours of personal sick leave to use for themselves. Eligible employees will be given the opportunity to donate their sick leave in eight (8) hour increments during the open enrollment period by completing a Shared Sick Leave Donation Form. Only employees who donate to the sick leave pool will be able to draw leave from the pool if needed and approved by the Shared Sick Leave Committee by completing a Shared Sick Leave Request form along with a completed Shared Sick Leave Physician’s Certification.

The potential leave recipient may request up to 160 hours of shared sick leave at one time, and may make up to two (2) additional requests for shared sick leave within a calendar year, for a maximum total of 480 hours (12 weeks) within a five (5) year period. A recipient of shared leave cannot receive shared sick leave along with other benefits (i.e. SSI, Disability, Workers Compensation etc.)

An employee may withdraw from participation in the sick leave pool at any time by completing the Termination of Membership form and submitting it to Human Resources. Any sick leave previously donated will be forfeited.