USG Affiliates (Non-Paid Affiliates) are non-compensated and volunteers that require access to Augusta University systems.  This process is for non faculty USG Affiliates (non-paid affiliates).


Beginning March 15, 2021, departments who have a HR Business Partner will begin contacting their designated HR Business Partner and HR Business Specialist to begin the process for all USG Affiliates.  Those departments without an HR Business Partner will contact the HR Coordinator per the updated department list.

A home department in PS HCM is required for all USG Affiliates (non-paid affiliates).  An individual will need to be identified to maintain USG Affiliates (non-paid affiliate) additions and/or removals.  If there is not an AU home department already in place, one will need to be created.  If the individual that will maintain the USG Affiliates (non-paid affiliate) process is not an AU employee, they will need to be processed into the system as a USG Affiliates (non-paid affiliate).

  1. If an AU department exists, this step may be skipped. If an AU department does not exist, a Department Chart of Accounts Maintenance Form will need to be completed to set up a department.  HRIS ( can assist with determining the department number that will be required to complete the form or assist with any questions regarding the form.
  2. Contact your HR Business Partner or AU Compensation and Performance Management at 706-721-5707, to determine if a position already exists in your department or if your department needs to request a position.
    • If a position does not exist, the department will need to complete page 1 of the Position Classification Form and submit to their HR Business Partner or Compensation and Performance Management.  Once the position has been created, the department will be notified of the USG affiliate position number.
  3. If the individual that is maintaining the USG Affiliates (non-paid affiliate) process has access to ePAR, skip this step. If they do not, please email to request access.  Access requested should be ‘ePAR Originator.
  4. For non-faculty USG Affiliates - Have the USG affiliate complete the background request form and and email background to your department's HR contact per the updated list.
  5. Once the background (if required) is cleared the HR contact (per the update list) will request the USG Affiliate packet in Equifax and notify the department to submit the Smart HR Affiliate ePAR. 
      • The USG Affiliate will receive two emails (login information & password) from Equifax to complete the USG Affiliate packet in Equifax.
      • Smart HR Affiliate ePAR job aid.
  6. Once the affiliate completes their packet and the ePAR has been submitted, the HR Coordinator will add the affiliate to OneUSG Connect.  The HR Coordinator will then send welcome email to affiliate and email to JagCard (if needed).
      • Note: HR Coordinator will need to contact Affiliate directly to obtain the first 5 digits of the SSN.

To end USG Affiliate (terminate non-paid affiliate) please submit a "Complete Affiliate" transaction.  Instructions can be found here.

Please contact Faculty Support Services at 706-721-1072 for information on hiring clinical/faculty USG Affiliates (non-paid affiliates).