(Disability Plan Summary)

Long-Term Disability

Long-term disability insurance is available to all employees with a work commitment of .75 or greater. This insurance is offered through MetLife Insurance Company. The plan provides a monthly income for employees who become totally disabled. Beginning on the 91st day after disability, the employee will be eligible to receive a disability benefit, the maximum monthly benefit will be the lesser of 60% of your monthly basic earnings (pre-disability earnings); less other income benefits (disability and retirement benefits you are eligible for due to your disability, including social security benefits to you and your family). The maximum monthly benefit is $15,000.00.

Rate per $100 of covered monthly salary $0.224.

Short-Term Disability

You may purchase coverage that would pay you a benefit of 60% of your weekly earnings. The maximum STD benefit you could receive from the coverage you purchase is $2,500 per week. If you have a qualifying disability claim, your STD benefits will be payable beginning on the 15th day of disability. You do not have to use or exhaust your accumulated sick leave before you are eligible to use your STD benefits. As long as you remain disabled as defined by your policy, your STD benefit is payable for a maximum of 11 weeks starting on the 15th day after the disability begins.  

NOTE: The duration of the disability benefit is directly related to the type and cause of your disability and has nothing to do with Maternity Leave as provided for under the Family Medical Leave Act or any other Leave of Absence Program available through your employer due to pregnancy. Being pregnant is not in and of itself a “disability”.

Rate per $10 of covered benefit $0.291.