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Key Highlights of the Program

  • Fully online startring August 2023 
  • Full-time worker friendly
  • Social influence concentration
  • Post-bac certificates in social influence and intelligence studies
  • Research and publication opportunities available for students in the program

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Admission Requirements

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Craig Albert, PhD
Program Director


The Master of Arts in Intelligence & Security Studies (MAISS) is designed to teach students both the theoretical as well as the practical content of intelligence, cybersecurity (to include cyberwar and cyberterrorism), traditional notions of national and international security (including the causes and prevention of war), terrorism and counterterrorism, ethnic conflict and political violence, and national defense and grand strategy.

The MAISS program  is 100% online, offering Zoom classes; Microsoft Teams office hours, and computer simulations designed to test how a student would perform in a war-based scenario.

Most courses are offered in 8 week semesters. The program is intended to serve as the Master level education for students interested in pursuing a PhD in a related field, and for professional analysts, military and defense department personnel, and those interested in homeland security.

Meet The Program Director

Jie Chen, PhD  Program Director

"Our program is one of a kind because it is student-centered with the three central themes of the program: intelligence; strategic cybersecurity; and security studies. When you are admitted into MAISS, you are admitted into my extended family and I work to make sure your academic plan will help you reach your future goals!"
 Craig Albert, PhD

Student Profile | Kim Toler


Kim Toler

"AU is one of the only schools in the world that offers a Master in Intelligence and Security Studies. Augusta is becoming a big place for cyber and there are a lot of government agencies in the area. In my opinion, AU is the best university to pursue further education if you want to get into any of those fields." - Kim Toler

 Meet Kim >>



Ukrainian flag

Surprising surge has Russians in retreat — our expert explains what it could mean for war’s future

An Augusta University expert discusses a surprising turn in the war in Ukraine.

Tank with smoke

Is Chechnya next as the war in Ukraine shows no signs of stopping?

“There are many Chechens that may think this is the perfect strategic opportunity to break away from Russia and claim independence."

Two men standing by the Emergency Room

Faculty experts study international impact of epidemiological intelligence fusion centers

Public health and intelligence experts at Augusta University partnered to write a new publication on health security and COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic.

Computer screen with lock

Cyber, social sciences faculty collaborate to study social media attacks with $500K grant

“This has the potential to help create better discourse, dialogue, national security measures and policy options cross-nationally and cross-culturally.”