The Faculty Advocate is available to any member of the faculty.

The Faculty Advocate shall serve as a voice for faculty member(s) who do not feel comfortable speaking for themselves and who may, anonymously or publicly, ask the Faculty Advocate to speak for them, ask a question, put forward a concern, or address an issue. The Faculty Advocate may be asked to represent faculty member(s) to the Assembly, the Faculty Senate, the Executive Committee, or the administration. The Faculty Advocate may speak with impunity, addressing issues on behalf of members of the university. The Faculty Advocate is an ex-officio and non-voting member of the Senate (AUFS Bylaws IV,

Typically, the Faculty Advocate hears concerns regarding policy, procedure, and due process. The types of issues that are generally appropriate for the Faculty Advocate's involvement are:

  • Violations of Augusta University or University System of Georgia policies
  • Issues regarding the fairness or appropriateness of university policies
  • Issues regarding the proper interpretation and/or application of university policies
  • Issues that arise without extant policies to resolve the situation
  • Issues that expose inter-policy conflict or inconsistent inter-administrative policy interpretations
  • Issues regarding the adequacy of shared governance representation

Generally, the Faculty Advocate refers issues that center on interpersonal disputes to the University Ombudsperson.

Faculty Advocate

Rebecca Harper

Rebecca Harper, PhD

College of Education and Human Development

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