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Electronic signatures or esignatures empower our faculty, staff, and students to design secure, fully digital workflows, including legally binding signatures. It enables you to sign official forms electronically and avoids additional printing, scanning, and mailing of actual paper. 

Benefits of using electronic signatures:

  • It's Legally Binding: The programs we use to generate signatures meet the requirements of the US Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and are recognized as valid under US law.
  • Its Secure: Approved by the ISO for use with confidential information when all security best practices are observed. 
  • It's Fast and Efficient: eSignature reduces turn-around time, reduces manual staff labor, and provides the opportunity to increase efficiency.
  • It is Green and Sustainable: Processes can be completely paperless, cutting down on the need for storing copies, mail costs, and imaging.
  • It's Global and Available 24/7: Provides faculty, students, and staff a secure, effective, and fast way to sign and return documents anytime, anywhere in the world.

Properly obtained electronic signatures are acceptable for university business forms and documentation. Federal and state laws provide that electronic signatures have full validity under the law when obtained appropriately using compliant technologies, certifications, and authentications. 

Augusta University uses two programs to assist in obtaining electronic signatures. Faculty and staff have access to Docusign, and students have access to Box Sign. The general acceptance of esignatures at Augusta University allows business process owners and approval signers to set guidelines for accepting DocuSign/Box Sign signatures or routing in workflows. Units and individual third-party signers have the option to use DocuSign/Box Sign when it is practical for them to do so and in accordance with guidelines set by university business owners.

Need Help?

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Getting Started with eSignature

Docusign for Faculty and Staff

Helpful information for using Docusign. 

Box Sign for Students

Helpful information for using Box Sign. 

Account Lookup

 Find the AU email address of your recipient

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the components of a transaction?


Similar to a paper signature transaction, eSignature transactions can have one or many documents to be signed. An envelope is a container that holds the documents in a single transaction together through the eSignature process. Documents can contain common user input fields such as: initials, signatures, date and textboxes.

Who can use Augusta University's eSignature?


eSignature is available for use by the entire campus community. Staff and Faculty will be able to create, send and sign envelopes. All Students will be able to receive and sign envelopes. Students working on behalf of a university group and authorized by faculty or staff will be able to create and send envelopes when requested.

How will I know when a document is finished?


Requests for signatures as well as transaction updates are delivered to recipients via email. After documents are sent for signature, the sender will receive updates during the signing process when recipients view and sign. Once everyone in the signing distribution completes their signatures, everyone in the group receives an email that the signing process has been completed.

How long with my documents be available in DocuSign?


Documents 'in process' and completed will be accessible within DocuSign for six months from the send date. DocuSign is not a document repository. Signed documents that need to be saved should be kept in a secure local location or department shared location. Please adhere to university and departmental record retention policies.

What devices can be used for eSignatures?


On any device where you have access to your email, you can complete an eSignature transaction- web browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Where can I learn more about eSignatures and DocuSign?


DocuSign's support site has more information for document senders as well as signers. There are written explanations, guided steps and training videos.

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