The MAT is a graduate level initial teacher certification program. This program is designed for candidates that have obtained an undergraduate degree in a field outside of education. The Elementary Education program is offered 100 percent online.

Elementary student successfully completes science experiment as teacher looks on.

The plan of study for the MAT requires 39 credit hours of coursework. The coursework is done in a dual-delivery mode; candidates in the MAT attend classes on campus and are placed in area partner schools for authentic field experience.

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Online Field Experience

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The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree with a major in Elementary Education provides a 100% online initial teacher preparation (except for required field experiences) at the master’s degree level for qualified candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.

Students who hold a provisional certificate and are the teacher-of-record in a teaching position that aligns with their program concentration and grade band (i.e., elementary education, AND a PK-5 classroom) will complete their field work in their own classroom. However, all schools must be accredited and if a student teaches PK they must be in an accredited preschool and work with 4 and 5 year-olds. 

Students who are not employed will complete field experiences in a variety of settings and grade levels reflecting the certification span of the program. Students will complete field experiences in counties/schools where a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is in place.

  • Candidate must be assigned to teach 51+% of the teaching load in the content in which they are seeking certification.
  • Candidates must hold an IN4T or Pre-Service certification in the area in which they are seeking certification.
  • All candidates, including those who are teacher-of-record, must complete their learning experience in an alternate grade band for a specified period of time.
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English, Math, Science, Social Studies
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MAT Admissions Quick Reference

  • Candidates pursuing a MAT must have an undergraduate degree. If pursuing a Secondary Concentration, you must have an undergraduate degree in a related field or take additional content area classes to complete this requirement.
  • Official transcripts from ALL prior colleges
  • 2.75 Undergraduate GPA
  • Official GACE Program Admissions Assessment (GACE Basic Skills) Passing Scores (score of 250 or higher required in each section) OR combined total (all three sections) 750
  • Official GACE Content Scores (Required for Secondary) score of 220 or higher required in both sections
  • May exempt GACE Basic Skills if:
    SAT - scored 1080 or higher (Critical Reading and Math combined), if after July 1, 2019; scored 1000 or higher (Critical Reading and Math combined), if before before July 1, 2019
    ACT - scored 43 or higher (English and Math combined)
    GRE - scored a 297 or higher (Quantitative and Verbal combined)
  • Students who have a previous undergraduate degree in education are not eligible for enrollment in the Master’s of Arts in Education degree.
  • Students who seek to change their concentration in the MAT program must reapply for admission to the new concentration.


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Application deadlines

In order for an individual to be considered the online application and all materials must be received on or before the deadlines below.

Fall Application: June 2nd

Spring Application: November 2nd

Summer Application: March 2nd