College of Education Dean's Office

Faculty & Staff 

photo of 
Dr. Judi Wilson

UH Suite 345
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Dr. Julie Herron

Associate Dean 
UH Suite 345, Room 340-A
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Dr. David Buckman

Associate Dean for Educator Preparation and Partnerships
UH Suite 345, Room 340-B
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Coordinator of Communication, Planning, and External Relations
UH Suite 345,
Room 341A
photo of Charlette Daniel
Charlette Daniel

 Administrative Assistant II
UH Suite 345
photo of William Gray 
William Gray 

Manager of Educational Technology
UH Room 249 
photo of 
Jessica Guerrero
Jessica Guerrero  

MAT Academic Advisor
UH Room 384
photo of Amber N. Johnson
Amber N. Johnson

EdS Academic Advisor
UH Room 362
photo of 
Ashley Oleszewski
Ashley Oleszewski

COE Field Experience Coordinator 
UH Suite 366, Room 368
photo of Lakeisha Thigpen
Lakeisha Thigpen

Admissions and Certification Coordinator
UH Suite 345, Room 343A
photo of 
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez  

Admissions Recruiter
UH Suite 366,
Room 363
photo of Jamie Sherwood
Jamie Sherwood

Business Operations Specialist
UH Suite 345, Room 343B