Anthology Portfolio (Previously known as Chalk & Wire)

Welcome to the College of Education and Human Development's  Anthology Porfolio site.

Anthology Portfolio is a web-based system that provides a place for students to create electronic portfolios to showcase their work in a portable format that they can carry with them after graduation. Additionally, Anthology Porfolio provides a program assessment system for faculty and department heads to evaluate student learning outcomes specific to the academic program. 

It is important to note, that Anthology Porfolio displays student work in an e-portfolio format. Anthology Porfolio is not intended for assessment on individual courses but rather for faculty to collectively assess student work that is common across a program over time using the same set of criteria. Results are aggregated and reported to evaluate mastery at the program level. 

You need to purchase a Anthology Porfolio account when you enroll in one of the following degree programs, certification program, or Area F class*:

  • BS Ed Elementary Education
  • BS Ed Health & Physical Education
  • BS Ed Middle Grades Education
  • Secondary Education
            BA in English - Secondary Certification
            BA in History -  Secondary Certification
            BA in Political Science - Secondary Certification
            BS in Biology - Secondary Certification
            BS in Chemistry - Secondary Certification
            BS in Mathematics - Secondary Certification
            BS in Physics - Secondary Certification
  • BS Ed Special Education
  • BA P-12 Education
            Foreign Language Education - French
            Foreign Language Education - Spanish
  • BA Music Education    
  • Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)
  • MEd Counselor Education - School Counselor
  • MEd Counselor Education - Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • MEd Instruction       
  • MEd Teacher Leadership  
  • EdS Counselor Education
  • EdS Advanced Educational Studies      
  • EdD  Educational Innovation
  • Computer Science Endorsement
  • ESOL Endorsement
  • Gifted Endorsement
  • Reading Endorsement
  • STEM Endorsement

*Area F Classes - EDUC 2110, EDUC 2120, EDUC 2130 or SPED 4002

On Campus: Go to the checkout counter at the Augusta University Book Store to purchase your Anthology Porfolio subscription code.


  1. Go to
  2. Type Anthology Porfolio in the search bar (upper right corner)
  3. Select a one year subscription (student's choice)

  4. Roar Store
  5. Click the "Add selected books to cart" button then continue shopping or click the view link under cart to proceed to checkout.
  6. Select pickup Not shipping
  7. After your purchase has been processed your subscription code will be emailed to you by the bookstore staff.
  • Anthology Porfolio can be accessed through courses in D2L if they have a key assessment for the program.
    Key Assessment link in D2L
  • If your class requires a Field Placement you will be able to access Anthology Porfolio from the link emailed to you when your Field Placement was created.
    Field Placement Email
  • You can login to your Anthology Porfolio account using the login link at the bottom of this page.
  • Login to your course in D2L.
  • Use the Anthology Porfolio link provided there to upload, and submit your reflection(s). When you click the submission link Anthology Porfolio will open within D2L. You should see a submission page with the following directions. If you don't see this contact Anthony Stawiery ( for assistance.ATLAS Submission

Anthology Porfolio works with Chrome or Firefox.

Recording Field Placement Hours


Use the one attached to your field placement located in "My Placements". 


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