Email and newsletter campaigns can be effective communications tools. The resources on this page will help you access these tools and will help your communications be recognizable as part of the Augusta University brand.

Emails sent only to email addresses are "internal communications." Emails sent to other than email addresses are "external communications."

Poppulo FAQs

For internal communications

The following organizations have access to an internal email platform called Poppulo. If you are in one of these organizations, first contact the Poppulo administrator to see if they can help you with your communication, e.g., whether they could include your information in a newsletter they already send out, send your communication for you, etc. Note: Poppulo emails can only be sent to addresses.

Reporting Area

Contact Person

AU Health Noah Rees
College of Allied Health Sciences Sherita Williams
College of Education Julie Herron
College of Nursing *VACANT*
College of Science and Mathematics Sidhartha Wakade
Division of Instruction and Innovation Aisling Reigle
Georgia Cancer Center Chris Curry
Hull College of Business Daniel Rice
Human Resources Penny Benton
Information Technology - University Staci Thompson
Medical College of Georgia Leslie Bedenbaugh
Office of Academic & Faculty Affairs Carolyn Cannon
Pamplin College Khadejah Bates
Research Dora Walden
School of Computer and Cyber Sciences Caroline Eaker
Student Affairs/Student Life Monique Williams
The Dental College of Georgia Stacey Hudson
Emails Coming to computer

Poppulo Alternatives

If you are not in one of those organizations or if they are not able to help you, consider using Outlook or Mailchimp.


For internal communications with fewer than 500 recipients.

Communications and Marketing has created several branded templates for use with Outlook. Note: These templates are available only for Windows operating systems. Microsoft has not yet made templates available for Mac systems.

To create a recipients list, create a Contact Group in Outlook, manually entering the email addresses you would like to send to OR submit a request to IT to ask them to create an Outlook Exchange list for you.

Download Email Templates


For large-distribution external communications or internal communications with more than 500 recipients.

  • Creating an account is quick and easy.
  • You will need to provide or obtain your own list of external contacts to send your mailing to. Human Resources or Information Technology may be able to assist you with pulling email lists.
  • MailChimp is free for up to 2,000 email addresses or 12,000 emails sent per month. Please note that MailChimp email and chat support is not available for free accounts after the first 30 days. They do offer non-profit pricing for monthly accounts of various sizes or for pay-as-you-go credits that you buy per email you send per address. For most users, the free account will meet your needs.
  • MailChimp offers an incredible amount of online tutorials, videos, and other learning resources. In general, Communications can advise you on using the university templates and point you to guidelines for getting started, but the MailChimp resources should be your primary guide for how it works. Communications and Marketing will direct you to MailChimp resources whenever possible so that you can help yourself with this service.
  • MailChimp can only be sent to external email addresses. Please be advised to not add any internal email addresses to your lists. Adding internal email addresses can increase the pricing of your departmental MailChimp account.