A great brand is the sum of many parts.

A big component of any brand's strength is derived from those who iterate it, who help tell its story and maintain its consistency. This document was created to give you the tools to speak for the university to its many audiences, from alumni and staff to potential students and the community at large. It's an opportunity to become part of Augusta University's story.

Our Colors

Augusta Blue #003359
Augusta Grey #A5ACAF
Clinical Blue #3CB6CE
Athletic Blue #00AEEF
Accent Blue #64A0C8
Accent Green #44D62C

The official logo colors are blue (PMS 540), grey (PMS 429) and white. No other logo colors are acceptable.

PMS 542 blue is used as an accent to the university logo. The high key blue accent is PANTONE Process Cyan and should only be used with athletic communications.

Address questions about approved university colors to Communications and Marketing.

Note college colors will remain the same per academic standards.

Logos in Use

Logos in use
Logos in use2