Brand Guidelines

Our Brand Guidelines delineate the aspects of our communications and marketing standards, as well as how we desire to use everything from typefaces, photography and videography, editorial guidelines, and web and e-communications.

Brand Guidelines Brand Usage

University Events

Events should be submitted to the university calendar.

Preferential placement will be given to events with compelling photos and those that have broad impact across our campuses.

Requests for photo and social media coverage may be made through our office. Please note such promotion is at the sole discretion of C&M.

Calendar Submit an Event


Have a message that needs to reach a large number of people?

Messages from the president, provost and executive leadership to the university and health system community can be edited and distributed by the Communications & Marketing. For help, submit a communications request.

Messages intended for faculty, staff or students within a college or department may be sent at the dean or administrator’s discretion and are drafted and distributed through their respective college or department. For contacts in those offices or if you’re sending to external audiences, visit our email and newsletters help page.

Event information and administrative updates are publicized through the university’s calendar and Jagwire, our news and information website.

External Media

Submissions are vetted for newsworthiness, timeliness, and impact and release or publication of news items are at the sole discretion of our team of media professionals.

Media releases are selected that promote top-tier priorities.

Media and expert advisories, direct pitches, bylined articles and links to internal news briefs are preferred methods of securing media coverage.

Request Media Assistance Experts List


Sending a newsletter to your stakeholders? Several resources are available to help you.

Email campaigns and newsletters can be an effective way to promote your unit. C&M provides several resources to help you reach your audience and connect your internal and external messages to the Augusta University brand.

Visit our email and newsletters help page and find templates and other resources at Templates Resource. If help is still needed, submit a marketing project request.

Fees incurred for out-of-house template design, distribution and printing are billed to the respective college or department.

Email & Newsletters Resources

Social Media

If you are creating or managing a page that relates in any way to Augusta University or Health System, please contact the marketing team at

We encourage you to send content to rather than creating a new account. This allows the content to have maximum visibility and enhance our organization’s social media presence.

Social Media Guidelines


A full list of approved university and health system templates can be found on our brand site.

For business cards, printed letterhead, rack cards, brochures and other templates, please work with

For poster presentation templates, contact Augusta University’s technical illustrator at or (706) 667-4457.

C&M must approve all printed materials. Final drafts can be sent to

Flyer Templates PowerPoint Templates Agenda Templates

Web Services

The university website,, is its largest and most visible publication. As such, content published to the site must meet the following basic quality standards.

Current – Page content and resources must be current. This is particularly important when including lists of events, opportunities, faculty, etc. Publish dates on pages must not exceed six months prior to the current date.

Audience oriented – Every page and section within the website should be composed with key audiences in mind. Wording, images and other resources should be appropriate for the target audiences.

Goal oriented – Content must support documented unit objectives. If it is no longer relevant to these objectives, it should be archived offline or deleted.

Accurate – Page content and resources (links, pdfs, embedded videos, etc.) must provide correct information.

Complete – Pages and resources should be completed before publishing. Partial pages and "under construction" references are not acceptable.

Aligned – Content must support and reflect our mission, vision and values.

Legal – Content must adhere to federal and state laws and regulations. Note that this clearly applies to trademarks and copyrights.

Policy compliant – Content must comply with university and University System of Georgia policies.

Brand compliant – Content must comply with Augusta University Brand Guidelines as determined by the Communications & Marketing.

Note that these are MINIMAL standards. The expectation is that all website content accurately reflects institutional goals and values, and exhibits the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Content that fails to meet acceptable standards is subject to immediate removal.

Web Training Web Content Guidelines

News Sites

The Communications & Marketing is the official spokesperson for the university and has overall accountability for news published or disseminated on behalf of the university and its affiliated entities.

Jagwire is the official newsroom of the university. The resource commitment needed to maintain and populate a news site is large, and most colleges and units are not equipped with the resources required to produce the quantity of content needed for an independent news site. Therefore, news sites specific to a college or unit are permitted only under the following conditions:

  • A communications specialist is embedded within college or unit
  • Communications needs are frequent (three or more item of original news/information will be posted to the site per week)
  • College or unit has established internal newsletter and/or email blasts for which it is regularly producing content
  • Content created for the news site is unique: not currently duplicated or housed on other portions of the university website

For those units that don’t meet the above criteria, C&M can assist with creating custom news feeds or unique news presentations for your website that will leverage existing web content, primarily from Jagwire and the university calendar. Please consult with a member of our web team for more information.

Jagwire and unit-level news platforms have different audiences and purposes. When evaluating the appropriate placement of news items from your unit, keep in mind the following distinctions:

What’s newsworthy for Jagwire?

Stories that have impact to the entire campus community

  • Police chief talks campus carry
  • First cohort of BS/MD students enter medical school this fall
  • Community gathers to remember student at memorial ceremony

Align with the university’s top-tier priorities

  • Augusta University announces area’s first cyber school
  • Area’s only children’s hospital ranked number one in nation for quality
  • New dorms open on Augusta University’s Health Sciences campus

Timely or “evergreen”

  • How to stay safe during the total solar eclipse
  • 8 ways to avoid fireworks injuries this 4th of July
  • Augusta University expert discusses race relations in wake of Charlottesville riot

New or unusual

  • 2-year-old hears mother’s voice for the first time after Augusta University physicians perform rare cochlear implant procedure.
  • Augusta already a cyber hub, according to a new study from the Augusta University Cyber Institute.
  • Snoop Dogg visits Augusta University for Master’s.

Human interest

  • Augusta University alumnus prepares for Olympic marathon
  • Mother and daughter celebrate cancer-free diagnosis this Mother’s Day

What’s newsworthy for departmental news sites, newsletters and blogs?

Stories that have impact to your college or unit

  • Smith named to local board of directors
  • Academic program reaccredited
  • Student recognized at local event

Events happening within your college or unit

  • Bake sale to benefit volunteer program
  • Local employers come out for Accounting Night

Important dates and training

  • State of the College slated Sept. 1
  • Open enrollment starts this week

University content shared from Jagwire

  • President announces new school of computer & cyber sciences
  • College of Math & Science to move downtown