Collect Student Submissions Through D2L

Designate a Centralized Place to Collect Student Submissions

Chrome and FireFox are recommended.

  1. Navigate to Assessments > Assignments within your D2L course. (Ref. images.)
  2. Click the New Submission Folder
  3. Name your new assignment folder.
  4. Add instructions for completing and completing the assignment to the Instructions
  5. Configure other options as needed.

IMPORTANT: Ensure the Hide from Users option on the Restrictions tab is unchecked to ensure students can see and access the new assignment folder.

  1. Click the Save and Close button to save the new assignment folder.

Screenshot with the Assesments and Assignments options highlighted in D2L

Screenshot with the New Submissions Folder highlighted in D2L

Screenshot from D2L with the Restrictions and Hide From Users sections highlighted

For more information, refer to the I.T. Knowledge Base: []